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Oscar-Worthy Ways to Serve Avocados

Oscar-Worthy Ways to Serve Avocados

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Move over, celebrities, a new star is born

These dishes are ready for their close-ups.

The Academy Awards are around the corner and that means it’s time to plan your viewing party for the Oscars —or plan what you’re bringing to a friend’s fete. The ballot may be set but the menu is yours to orchestrate.

Try These Oscar-Worthy Ways to Serve Avocados

With a little planning, you can bring together the best of the year’s celebrations in one day. Play with the cocktail menu like you do on New Year’s Eve, have guests dress like celebrities as if it were Halloween, and indulge in glamorous food just like you would on Christmas. Plus, you get the added bonus of lounging about on the couch while criticizing pop culture with your friends. Oh, hello, heaven.

As you plot out the evening’s festivities, you may want to consider giving a supporting actor (okay, ingredient) the spotlight for your party. Avocados are often thought of as a party staple, but they’re usually found along the perimeter of a meal, in a dip as an appetizer or as a garnish on an otherwise completed plate.

This year, give them a chance to steal the show. We’ve come up with a list of ways that avocados can star as the lead ingredient. Chocolate bread gets extra smooth and fudgy with the addition of blended avocados. Forget starchy fried potatoes and serve guests deep-fried avocados instead: a party appetizer that’s crunchy and creamy.

Each of these avocados recipes is worthy of a little gold statue of its own.

Avocado Bacon Toast

Your crostini just got a serious upgrade! Salty and crunchy, these avocado bacon toast points will steal the show at your Oscar viewing party.

Avocado, Coconut, and Lime Sorbet

We know what you're thinking. Avocados in a sorbet? Oh, just you wait. The coconut and lime add a tropical panache, but the avocado gives it a very distinctive, smooth finish. Spoon into small ramekins for party- sized portions!

Click here for the Avocado, Coconut and Lime Sorbet Recipe

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