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Chicken with vegetables in the bag

Chicken with vegetables in the bag

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The chicken legs are cleaned of skins and fat, washed with cold water, seasoned and placed in the oven bag. in 4, the alder, olive oil, whole garlic, water1 cup, close the bag, shake a little, place in the yena bowl, prick at the top in a few places for condensation, and put in the oven over low heat for about 175 degrees approx. 90 min.

Serve hot with apple puree.

About the steak in the bag

Steak bags were very fashionable in the & # 821780 years through Arad, Timisoara, Oradea or Satu Mare (in the west of the country). They were made of chicken or pork (usually chop) and everyone was very happy with them. The bags were either made of paper or a special plastic, like a tubular cellophane that was sold by the meter.

I have known this special (transparent) heat-resistant bag since the beginning of the & # 821780 years, when we brought them from Hungary or Yugoslavia. These bags are now found in all stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, in the district where you buy aluminum foil and plastic food foil. They are packed in packs of 10 pcs. (in cardboard envelopes) or on a roll (Kaufland, DM etc). Personally, I prefer the roll option because you can cut as much as you need and it seems very practical, plus it fits a lot of turkey in the bag, the tube being very wide.

The special steak bag can be found in any supermarket (magic bag). I buy a DM bag per meter, per roll. It is very practical because you cut it as long as I want. And its width is slightly larger than the stas bags.

These bags withstand well up to 220 C so we have no problems with them in the oven. They are specially designed for that. Here you can see some models and sizes of steak bags from Fino and AluFix (the larger ones are ok).

Also in the bag you can prepare a delicious chicken breast roll & # 8211 recipe here.

At the end of the years, this heat-resistant bag came to us, which was unhappily paired with all kinds of chemical spice mixtures. I recommend you to buy this bag without the spice mixture and to season this chicken in a bag with natural spices.

Of course you can also make classic fried chicken, without the bag & # 8211 recipe here

From the ingredients below you can feed 6 people (depending on the size of the chicken).

Ingredients Baked chicken in a paper bag

  • 1 whole chicken, weighing 1.5 & 1.6 kg. (grilled chicken, young and tender)
  • 1 medium-sized onion, whole
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 50 grams of duck lard (or butter, or lard)
  • 1 rosemary branch
  • 1 teaspoon sweet paprika, good quality
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • in addition, a brown paper bag, unbleached and unprinted, for food use, large enough to easily fit the chick inside it

Preparation Baked chicken in paper bag & # 8211 video recipe:

Preparation Baked chicken, in paper bag, recipe in text format (printable):

Baked chicken in paper bag & # 8211 preparing the chicken

1. Groom the chicken properly, cleaning it carefully. Burn any traces of feathers or stalks with a kitchen torch or by walking it over the stove flame. After removing unwanted traces of plumage, the chicken is carefully wiped with absorbent kitchen paper towels, both inside and out.

Note: After touching the raw chicken, wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water before touching other objects.

Baked chicken in paper bag & # 8211 preparing the oven

2. The use of onions and rosemary is optional. You can replace rosemary with another aromatic plant (thyme, marjoram) that you prefer. Onions can be replaced with 1 small apple or 1/2 lemon, it is important to have something that brings extra moisture inside the chicken, while it is cooking. I split the rosemary branch in half, kept half of it whole, to put inside the chicken. I removed the leaves from the other half, which I finely chopped. I cleaned the onion and cut it into quarters.

3. Peel the garlic, keep two of the puppies whole and chop two of them into thin slices.

4. Season the inside of the chicken with salt and pepper. Under the skin covering the chest and as much as possible the upper thighs, distribute the garlic as evenly as possible. Beforehand, the garlic will be chopped into strips, which we will stuff with our fingers under the skin that comes off easily. Put the onion quarters in the chicken cavity. The two whole garlic cloves and the rosemary branch are also inserted inside the chicken.

5. To cook a chicken in the oven in a paper bag, grease the chicken on the entire surface with lard or butter. Sprinkle the chicken with salt, pepper, chopped rosemary and paprika. Massage well so that these spices adhere as well as possible to the chicken's skin. Tie the chicken's legs together with kitchen thread. Also with kitchen thread, it is tied around the carcass, over the wings, fixing them tightly to it. The chicken thus prepared is put in the paper bag, which will be tied tightly, sealing the chicken inside.

Baked chicken in paper bag & # 8211 baking

6. Place the chicken in a pan and place in a preheated oven at 180 ° C ventilated or 190 ° C static at medium height. Attention, the bag must never touch any element of the oven! Cooking the chicken in a bag takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. Finally, remove the tray from the oven and open the bag carefully, the steam inside it is hot and could burn us. The chicken is ready when it has an internal temperature close to 80 degrees Celsius. In the absence of a thermometer with instant reading, you can appreciate that a baked chicken in a paper bag is well cooked if, when it is pricked with a fork, it releases only clear juices, without a trace of blood.

7. Let the chicken rest for 10-15 minutes then serve hot, along with your favorite garnish. Great appetite!


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