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Ferran and Albert Adrià in Talks with Cirque du Soleil

Ferran and Albert Adrià in Talks with Cirque du Soleil

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The Adrià brothers are working on a 'multidisciplinary project' that will launch in Ibiza

Ferran and Albert Adrià will launch their next major venture in Ibiza in May 2015.

Prolific restaurateurs Ferran and Albert Adrià are working on “an international and multidisciplinary project with global impact,” that will likely involve Cirque du Soleil and the Casino de Ibiza, Albert Adrià told Vanitatis.

Months ago, Albert Adrià mentioned that he and his brother Ferran were working together on a restaurant and night club project in Ibiza, and now promises an opening date of May 29, 2015.

Although he’d like to remain mum on most of the details, Albert says of the restaurant that it will be open six months out of the year, with a renewed concept each year.

Although the multidisciplinary project will feed a thousand people each day, Adrià says the goal is not only to provide guests with an incredible dining experience, but to “shock the world with a fleet of cultural and artistic attractions for adults.”

As of now, Enrique Banegas, a managing director for the Casino de Ibiza told Diario de Ibiza that the deal is “still green” as there are “important details to negotiate.”

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Details Emerge On Albert And Ferran Adrià’s New Restaurant In Ibiza

Culinary giants Albert and Ferran Adrià have revealed more details on their next major restaurant venture in Ibiza, a project they claim will be gargantuan and international in scale.

In an interview with Spanish publication El Confidencial’s Vanitatis section Albert Adrià dropped grandiose hints but few concrete details on the restaurant he’s working on with the elder Adrià brother: an Ibiza eatery that’s slated to open May 29, 2015.

The restaurant, he said, will be multi-disciplinary, international, “with a global impact.”

“It won’t be just a restaurant, but something more,” he said.

The restaurant will open for six months of the year, and the concept will undergo an overhaul every season, he added.

Moreover, the restaurant will seat 1,000 people.

“… And it won’t be just about dining. We’re going to surprise the world with a park of cultural and artistic attractions for adults,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Diario de Ibiza reports that the Adrià brothers are in talks with Cirque du Soleil, which could explain the adult-friendly theme park concept.

The multi-disciplinary dining concept is in line with a growing trend in the upper echelons of fine dining that aims to elevate food to a theatrical experience that engages all the senses.

Adrià’s Barcelona restaurant 41° serves a multi-course meal alongside visual projections and a culinary soundtrack. (That restaurant will close August 2 and move to another restaurant project Enigma).

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Albert Adrià

Heart Ibiza has been conceived to be experienced in a different way every day. It’s all continuously evolving gastronomic innovations on a daily basis along with different performances and visual stimuli as well as impromptu musical “happenings” create a world of sensations that varies as the evening progresses into the early hours of the morning.

Albert was kind enough to make time in his busy schedule to answer a few questions for the readers of Ibiza Style.

Are you happy with the way things have gone so far?

Ibiza is a special place and it takes time to establish a rhythm, especially when the season is so short. Considering that we started late, we are very satisfied with how things have gone.

All chefs place great emphasis on the raw ingredients they use how important are they for you?

For me, they’re absolutely essential. We’ve got a system whereby if the suppliers don’t bring us first rate raw ingredients, they can just take them straight back again. I only want the very best. Both fish and vegetables can be difficult to get at this time of year, especially fish. For example, I would prefer to prepare some really fresh, high quality mackerel than use tuna that is not up to scratch.

How do you intend to adjust your gastronomy to Ibiza’s diners?

That’s a good question. In the end, there’s good food and bad food and that’s true of diners, too. I’m adapting to what clients ask for. Diners are looking for something here that they can’t find elsewhere they want special things. To give you an example of one recent innovation, upstairs on the Terrace we have just introduced a dish of ramen, or Chinese noodles, served with a frozen sauce and it’s proving really popular. The fact that we’re starting to get repeat diners is very encouraging. It’s a year of trying things out we’ll keep what works and throw out what doesn’t. So far, in the six weeks we’ve been open, we’ve already gone through seven or eight different menus.

Are there any local culinary traditions from the island that you plan to introduce at Heart?

If you remember, at the opening there was a stew based on an Ibizan recipe. As far as local produce is concerned, our only problem is that, since we require large quantities of fresh produce on a daily basis, not many local farmers are capable of handling that kind of demand.

Aren’t you concerned that the “performance” aspect that Cirque du Soleil brings to the enterprise is going to overshadow the cooking?

No: quite the opposite. I believe it will stimulate us to raise our game even higher. As I said, this year it’s a case of trying things out. We’re holding meetings all the time to work out how to fuse performance, music and gastronomy and when we manage to get it all absolutely right—by which I mean next season—that will be Heart.

Can you tell us about your relationship with Ibiza and how you see it evolving as an up–and-coming “hot spot” for haute cuisine?

My relationship is not very exciting, I come here to work! In general, I think haute cuisine is a sign of how well a country’s economy is doing and the facts will back me up. In Germany, Belgium, England, and France they’ve got the best restaurants overall and that’s because the economies are doing well. Ibiza is another example although there is still a long way to go. Some people say you can’t eat well in Ibiza, but the level of gastronomy here is constantly improving. There’s better produce, more suppliers and an ever-greater range of places to eat.

It’s well known that you used to enjoy going out at night is there anywhere in particular in Ibiza you enjoy?

(Laughs)…I’d love to, but the truth is I’m simply too busy working to go out at night.

To what extent is your brother, Ferrán, involved in Heart?

He’s deeply involved. I send him daily reports and he’s very enthusiastic about the whole project.

Is there any particular activity or place in Ibiza that allows you to switch off?

Yes, (laughs) Gran Hotel! I slip away for a quick dip there whenever I can. That and going for a nice relaxing stroll to the lighthouse in the evening. I love it.

Ferran y Albert Adrià

Ferran and Albert Adrià are fully entitled to call themselves the best-known brothers in the world of international gastronomy. Thanks to their willingness to communicate and divulge their work by means of presentations, conferences and books, they have succeeded in bringing about a “before” and “after” in cuisine around the world.

Guy Laliberté

Guy Laliberté’s capacity for work has made him one of the clearest examples of success on both the financial and social level. An artist born with an inquiring mind, his urge to find out about the world led him to leave home at the age of 14. He rose to become the founder of Cirque du Soleil. Laliberté’s talent and creativity has extended to other fields in which he continues to inspire with the same energy and spirit that have characterised him all along. His latest project, Heart Ibiza—in partnership with the Adrià brothers—is further proof of it.

Frank Helpin

Frank Helpin was born in Sept-Iles (Québec). He has been working with Cirque du Soleil for the past five years. Currently, he is the Creative Director of Cirque du Soleil Hospitality. Heart Ibiza has been a dream of Frank’s for the past two years it’s a concept that he has been working on alongside the legendary Adrià brothers.

Ferran and Albert Adrià in Talks with Cirque du Soleil - Recipes

Off to Ibiza? It’s not just for the kids.. at Heart Ibiza , the average age is 40 plus and they recently hosted a party for a 60th birthday.

Reservations open on March 1 with Heart Ibiza beating stronger than ever: the worlds of art, music and gastronomy collide in a most exclusive Ibiza night.

Ibiza, 28th February 2017 -The unique experience from the creative minds of Albert and Ferran Adrià in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil , which began in 2015 at the Ibiza Gran Hotel, is back again with a new concept for multi-sensory entertainment where music, art and gastronomy come together in one of the world’s hottest destinations.

Heart Ibiza is home to a combination of highly varied disciplines: the artistic and magical creativity of Cirque du Soleil, cooking styles influenced by world flavours with the unmistakable seal of Albert Adrià and cutting- edge entertainment at the hands of talented artists along with some of the hottest DJ’s and musicians of the moment.

In the words of the General Manager and Creative Director, José Corraliza “in the last months we have been preparing the concept for the new season… Ibiza is a inexhaustible source of inspiration and we’ve enjoyed creating what Heart in 2017 will be. As always, pushing the limits is what motivates us and our objective is to continue provoking the senses of all those who come to Heart… Moreover we will soon announce a programme for our nights that will no doubt surprise our guests”.

This year Heart Ibiza will once more play host to the exclusive Charity Gala to raise funds in support of One Drop, the Guy Laliberté Foundation, with the participation of the Ibiza Preservation Fund foundation and its “Alianza para el agua” project as well as other galas like “Bridges for Music”, a non-profit organisation that gathers the main characters of the musical industry in order to break the boundaries with dis-advantaged countries and communities.

An exquisite aperitif to open the palate in an unique, open-air atmosphere with amazing views of the port and the historic centre of Dalt Vila.
So begins the night at Heart Ibiza: the guest is lead to the terrace to enjoy delicate morsels such as the steamed brioche with truffled cheese or the strawberry, sesame and curry cookies just to name a few.

Thus begins a night of relaxation in a unique and festive atmosphere.

.. On to the Dinner: A Trip for the Senses

Our house band welcomes the guest to dinner in the main room on the ground floor of the venue. Live music will accompany a night of incredible performances that will leave our guests jaws on the floor. And of course how could we forget the genius and larger than life personality of our master of ceremonies for the night, Lady Heart.

The gastronomic experience is diverse and cosmopolitan, created for the most discerning local and international palates, using only the highest quality ingredients as a starting point, like the Oriental lobster caldereta or the bonito fish a la catalana.
Combined with the incredible live performances it will make for an experience that is much more than just a live dinner show.

…Shall We Continue? Heart Club
As we move further into the night, the space transforms and mutates it’s appearance into that of a nightclub. The creativity of each one of the parties, together with the originality of the performances, will create an environment where the guest can lose themselves in a truly special and new way to enjoy the Ibiza nightlife. Heart Ibiza presents a nightlife proposal with exclusive concepts and content that have been especially created for each one of its nights.
Besides incredible surprises that will be soon unveiled, Heart Ibiza will host again some parties that brought memorable moments to the island last season: Heart Factory’s Tuesdays will bring unique experiences to the Ibiza nightlife with the presence of internationally renowned DJ’s and bands the awarded Acid Sundays will gather together its tribe in all its essence and vibes, and for those who want to relive some of the biggest parties of the 80’s Boogie in Wonderland will start this summer with more rhythm than ever.
The iconic Ibiza party “La Troya” will transform to fusion its style at Heart Ibiza and in the upcoming weeks the line ups will be announced, as well as other concepts that will complement the nightlife proposal for this season. Stay tuned.

Each year, Heart Ibiza, which has a team of about 220 people between front of house, kitchen, artists, tech- nical and musical departments, presents a fresh fusion between art, music and gastronomy: gastronomic innovations, diverse performances and musical proposals which create a world of sensations that escalates as the night goes on.

The project is the result of ten years of friendship and the exchange of ideas between the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté and Adrià brothers. Their combined creativity, talent and common vision have come together for this project on the island.
The interior design is the work of Patricia Urquiola, who has garnered international prestige for her work and who is widely considered to be the one of the most influential Spanish architects and designer of the moment.

Ferran and Albert Adrià may be the most well known siblings on the international culinary scene, being the precursors to what many have called the last ‘gastronomic revolution.’
Currently, Ferran dedicates his time and energy to elBulliFoundation, with elBulli 1846 which will see the light of day in 2018, while Albert has created a true ‘gastronomic Amusement park’ in the neighbourhood of the Paralel in Barcelona with elBarri restaurant group, which culminated the opening of Enigma in January 2017.

Guy Laliberte is one of the clearest examples of success achieved through hard work. A restless artistic mind and a need to see the world drew him away from home at the age of 14, to eventually become the founder of Cirque du Soleil. Laliberte has extended its talent and creativity to other endeavors in which that same energy and spirit is apparent throughout all of his projects.

Live Dinner Experience
From 21.00 to 01.00

From 23h00 without reservation and with a ticket (with a drink) purchased in the reception area, subject to availability.

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There's no doubt that Albert Adrià loves a challenge. After he and brother Ferran Adrià announced two Barcelona projects in 2010 — the tapas bar Tickets and the cocktail-focused 41° Experience — the younger Adrià quickly branched out, turning one section of the city into what he called a "culinary amusement park." In the following years, the ambitious project, which the Adriàs have dubbed the 5.0 Project, added additional restaurant concepts in the form of Pakta, Hoja Santa, Niño Viejo, and Bodega 1900. Still to come is a revamp of the original 41° Experience: Enigma, an immersive, dreamlike maze that Albert Adrià promises will "reinvent the way we go to restaurants."

Enigma's debut has been pushed back a full year, with a new tentative opening date of January 2016: Adrià says he postponed its opening after realizing he didn't have enough time to make Enigma the "apple of his eye" as he had conceptualized. But in the meantime, Adrià has been able to make another dream come true: Collaborating with Cirque du Soleil to create Heart , a new three-concept restaurant in Ibiza that will showcase a "collision" among food, music, and art. Heart, which will open later this year, will see Adrià traveling to Ibiza three-and-a-half days days per week with his family in tow . Here now, Albert Adrià explains it all:

A rendering of the planned Enigma interior. Courtesy RCR ARQUITECTES / P.LLIMONA

Why did you postpone the opening for Enigma?
There were several factors. First, the timing: Since I closed the deal with Cirque du Soleil for Heart in Ibiza, I knew I had to open Enigma before May 2015 in order to be able to accomplish everything. I realized I was not able to make it on time I couldn't put in danger the level [of quality] we are trying to provide in the rest of my restaurants, so I decided to postpone Enigma's opening.

In addition, I realized the Enigma concept that I had in mind was not profitable enough: 700 square meters to host a cocktail bar and an exclusive restaurant. I needed 70 people on staff and I had to make a double effort in terms of salaries, schedules, resources. So I realized I had to choose between either the cocktail bar or the restaurant. The restaurant was the chosen one, I always wanted to open a restaurant like Enigma: We will have just 24 clients per day and we want to reinvent the way we go to restaurants, the way we eat — mostly with the hands — and the way we serve the menu. Enigma will be like a hotel where starting from the lobby, anything can happen. The guest will be enjoying the experience from the entrance. Construction will start in May or June this year, and we will be opening in January 2016: With a 500-square-meter restaurant, 50 compositions to be eaten in two-and-a-half hours, 250 euros as the average ticket, including drinks.

"Give me four hours a day in the workshop for R&D. and I will be the happiest man in the world." — Albert Adrià

With the 200 square meters left from the initial project, will be hosting an R&D workshop for product testing and creating new dishes for all my restaurants. My other restaurants in Barcelona will be paying an R&D fee to the workshop to also make this space profitable. Chef Oliver Peña from my team will be leading this project as the head of the kitchen. In my case, I just want to enjoy cooking haute cuisine: That's what I love doing, and is what I have been doing most of my life. I will be focusing on creativity. Just give me four hours a day in the workshop for R&D, creating new menus for all the restaurants, and I will be the happiest man in the world.

A whimsical dish from Hoja Santa. Photo: Courtesy Grupo BCN 5.0

What about the new Heart, which is opening later this year? How is the experience working with Le Cirque du Soleil?
We will have 270 staff and we will feed an average of 3,000 people per day: The Heart experience is like playing in the Premier League. Heart is one of those lifetime projects, something we always dreamed about, and this dream is coming true. We are big fans for Cirque du Soleil and what happens in Ibiza has an international impact. Heart is a collision between food, music, and live performances. There will be three different spaces: The terrace, called Baraka, is like a market for street food experiences. You will pay a very low cover, and then be able to buy coins in order to buy the different international casual food: Portobello hamburgers, Belgian waffles, Chinese dumplings, Mexican tacos, and American hot dogs. all of them with a modern touch. We are expecting 400 people daily an average ticket of 40 to 60 Euros per person.

Heart, a collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, will feature three concepts: Baraka, Workshop, and Boite.

Secondly, we will have the Workshop, a dining room where guests will be able to choose two or three different international cuisines from a broad selection. If you choose Japanese and Spanish, you will have five to six dishes from Japan, followed by five or six Spanish dishes. The next day you visit us, you could choose Peruvian, or Mexican, etc.

The third space is like a disco, called Boîte — "nightclub" in French. In this space, we are expecting 600 to 700 people enjoying the art performances and the louder music. Guests will be mostly drinking, but they will also be able to eat salty and sweet snacks.

You opened Hoja Santa in November 2014: How is it going with this Mexican concept?
I should confess this opening has been a very difficult one. I usually open my restaurants in spring, the good season for international guests. However, I had to postpone the Niño Viejo ["Old Boy," serving Mexican tacos] opening until August, and Hoja Santa ["Sacred leaf," a Mexican haute cuisine restaurant] until November . I am still working to make this restaurant more profitable, and I've decided I will just open for dinner in October, starting at 6pm. I think now we are on the right path. In addition, we have improved a lot in Niño Viejo: The menu was too long and expensive in the first stage now we're just serving tacos. Now we are doing more than fine. It was difficult, but I'm happy with the result.

So many projects, so many challenges. Are you scared?
I confess I am a little scared about opening Heart, this is very different than anything I have done before. However, I was more scared when I opened Tickets: It was right after elBulli, it was my first restaurant, I was worried about the critics and the expectations. Now I feel freer, I'm not worried and obsessed about what people say about me. We're working 14 hours a day to make it better every day, and I think we're doing a good job. I've realized that most of the time, you're working mostly for 20 percent of my clients: those foodies who travel around the world just to be able to eat in one my restaurants. For them, I am preparing some new projects.

"Now I feel freer, I'm not worried and obsessed about what people say about me."

In two months' time, I hope I will be able to offer an "amusement park" package to eat in more than one of my restaurants in Barcelona. The service will provide transfer from the airport to the hotel, transfer to the restaurants, the menu, and the transfer back to the hotel and airport.

Is Albert Adrià stopping for a while?
If I have some energy left, I will be opening, someday, the cocktail bar that I am not including in Enigma. Nowadays, we have around 6,000 people visiting our restaurants in Barcelona and they should have some place to have some drinks, right?

Rendering of the Enigma exterior. Courtesy RCR ARQUITECTES / P.LLIMONA

I visited the venue for the new Enigma with Joan Gener González [the architectonical project manager inside Albert Adrià's team]. We asked him about Enigma.
Enigma is the culmination of the 5.0 Project. It's a restaurant that could be in New York or London, but it's in Barcelona. The space will be full of light contrasts, transparence, sensuality, elements that you can just intuit, elements that can be glimpsed, but that you cannot see clearly. Enigma will be like an oneiric maze with different stops: According to the guest profile and taking into account if [they are] a new or returning customer, the tour will be different. It will have a couple of fixed stops, such as the Lobby. From there, we can either pass by the Cellar or go straight to the kitchen.

After the kitchen, the guest will be able to sit down at the table. Some of the tables will be in private rooms and the other ones will be in the main dining room, surrounded by translucent glass. The oneiric ambiance will surround you and will not let you go.

New restaurant by Adrià brothers to seat 1,000 guests

Culinary giants Albert and Ferran Adrià have revealed more details on their next major restaurant venture in Ibiza, a project they claim will be gargantuan and international in scale.

In an interview with Spanish publication El Confidencial's Vanitatis section Albert Adrià dropped grandiose hints but few concrete details on the restaurant he’s working on with the elder Adrià brother: an Ibiza eatery that’s slated to open May 29, 2015.

The restaurant, he said, will be multi-disciplinary, international, “with a global impact.”

“It won’t be just a restaurant, but something more,” he said.

The restaurant will open for six months of the year, and the concept will undergo an overhaul every season, he added.

Moreover, the restaurant will seat 1,000 people.

“. And it won’t be just about dining. We’re going to surprise the world with a park of cultural and artistic attractions for adults,” he said.

Meanwhile, Diario de Ibiza reports that the Adrià brothers are in talks with Cirque du Soleil, which could explain the adult-friendly theme park concept.

The multi-disciplinary dining concept is in line with a growing trend in the upper echelons of fine dining that aims to elevate food to a theatrical experience that engages all the senses.

Adrià’s Barcelona restaurant 41° serves a multi-course meal alongside visual projections and a culinary soundtrack. (That restaurant will close August 2 and move to another restaurant project Enigma).

One of the pioneers of the operatic, theatrical dining experience is French chef Paul Pairet, whose Shanghai restaurant Ultraviolet opened in 2012 and engages all the senses via atomizers, projections and music.

The Spanish pleasure island of Ibiza is also home to what’s been billed as the most expensive restaurant in the world, with a tasting menu priced at €2,000. Double Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero’s Sublimotion opened recently at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, also billed as a theatrical dining experience that seats a dozen guests a night.

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ElBulli 2005–2011 Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler, Albert Adrià

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Magníficamente presentados en un elegante estuche de metacrilato, estos volúmenes son una obra imprescindible en la biblioteca de todos los interesados en los procesos creativos y en la gastronomía moderna. elBulli 2005-2011 es una oportunidad única para descubrir los secretos de la cocina más innovadora del mundo y penetrar en el funcionamiento de un equipo de cocina altamente creativo, liderado por Ferran Adrià, Albert Adrià y Juli Soler.

elBulli y su equipo han cambiado y revolucionado la forma de entender la alta cocina en el mundo. Estos siete volúmenes reflejan los últimos 7 años de esa explosión de creatividad y son una herramienta imprescindible para comprender la obra y el legado que el equipo de elBulli ha dejado en la historia de la gastronomía.

Más de 750 increíbles recetas para seguir paso a paso el proceso creativo del que fue el mejor restaurante del mundo durante tres años consecutivos, y del que probablemente ha sido el más influyente en la historia de la gastronomía moderna.


  • Format: Tapa dura
  • Size: 315 x 240 mm (9/78 x 13 in)
  • Pages: 2720 pp
  • Illustrations: 1400 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714873251

Ferran Adrià llegó a elBulli en verano de 1983 para realizar un stage. Contratado al año siguiente por Juli Soler, fue jefe de cocina en tándem en 1984 y chef en solitario en 1987. Desde entonces su vida estuvo vinculada al progresivo reconocimiento que elBulli se fue ganando. Desde el cierre del restaurante en 2011 Ferran lleva adelante el proyecto de elBullifoundation, un centro de investigación en gastronomía e innovación que próximamente tendrá su sede en cala Montjoi, en Roses.

Juli Soler pasó a dirigir en 1981 el restaurante elBulli, contratado por sus propietarios, Hans y Marquetta Schilling. Durante un año se dedicó a ponerse al día visitando a todos los grandes de la restauración y la cocina de Europa. La figura de Juli Soler como renovador del servicio en restauración no deja de crecer. Fue también un apasionado conocedor del mundo de los vinos. Juli falleció en julio de 2015.

Albert Adrià llegó a elBulli en 1985 y, después de un aprendizaje por las diferentes partidas, centró su interés en la pastelería del restaurante. Fue uno de los artífices de la nueva cocina dulce que cogió impulso a partir de elBulli. En 1998 pasó a ocuparse del taller junto a Ferran Adrià y Oriol Castro, y luego se convirtió en su director. En el año 2009 inició una nueva andadura en el mundo de la restauración que culminó posteriormente en el proyecto elBarri, que agrupa establecimientos con diferentes formatos gastronómicos.

K Heart k

Heart was born after a conversation brothers Ferran and Albert Adrià had with Guy Laliberte – the director of the infamous Cirque Du Soleil, after witnessing one of their spectacular shows. And perhaps for the first time in their glittering careers, the Adrià brothers are now involved in a new cutting edge project where the food is not only the main attraction…

I was honoured to get an exclusive invite to the Press & Faces of Ibiza party on June 23rd. and with the camera crews at the ready, we were given a full insight into the extraordinary world of Heart. Walking into the building, we were met by the remarkable sculpture of LOVE by Gim Hong-Sok alongside masterpiece’s by Takashi Muurakami and became immediately aware that art is one the essential ingredients of the experience.

Deliberately being made to wait in the darkened corridor, I was quite literally bubbling with excitement at the feeling that I was about to enter a private theme park. Greeted by two goddesses dripping in a Versace/Dolce-like creation, we are handed individual sweet wrappers filled with light-as-air freeze dried beetroot profiterole that instantly disintegrated on the tongue.

Next I am given watermelon infused in sangria by a lady with a peculiar lampshade on her head covered in hair, all very reminisent of the Box nightclub in Soho. Wonderful weirdness!

The crimson and rusty hues of red envelop the space around us – the décor is the brainchild of world class interior designer Patricia Urquiola, giving a true essence of decadence, luxury and uniqueness. Stepping over 10 pairs of twitching human legs that protruded from behind a long black velvet curtain is certainly a different way to enter a dining room…I’m now really ready for the ride.

It is impossible not to be awestruck by the incredibly high ceilings and 20 metre sound sensitive screen that is projecting shifting graphics and visual effects which would not be out of place in Tate Modern or The Guggenheim.

We leave the vast ground floor and make our way up onto the roof terrace – the place which excites me the most – a street food extravaganza – all with the stamp of the Adrià’s utter genius. In recent press Ferran says, “it is street food at a level that you won’t find on any street”. And he’s so right. Standing on the cusp of the 800 square metre space I cannot take it all in…I’m weak at the knees transported into the world of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory – and I have got THE golden ticket…it’s Christmas Day and my birthday all rolled into one, I’m beyond excited.

I’m actually hoping there is a Roman vomitoram because I intended to (and did) eat everything. Hopping from one incredible stall to another, leading my palate around the world…Japan, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain and Puru all with the unmistakable stamp of the Adrià genius. It’s attention to detail at its finest and above all fun, so much FUN.

Every vendor, chef and member of staff are as excited as I am. Everyone is clearly honoured to be involved and working for such a prestigious project. No time or need for haughty pretentiouness here which is one of the winning factors in the whole formula.

I am talking nineteen to the dozen with every vendor and they are as passionate and proud as I would hope they would be. I was thrilled when I saw morsels of food being lowered in baskets attached to a fishing rod to unsuspecting passers by on the street below – so wrong but so right.
I’m now being called over to the Patron tequila bar.

I have not had tequila since my ritzy nightclub pre-university days. ‘Never drink tequila again’ – was my alcohol poisoning prevention mantra that I have stuck to until now. Limited edition Patron XO Cafe Tequila Liqueur…oh yes, a taste sensation beyond my preconceptions. So now I’m on the Patron.

There is a jaw dropping display of street vendors. I am a sucker for a pink caravan so straight away this caught my eye…

…and inside were three chefs making an incredible parmesan pizza as thin as paper, garnished with caviar jelly using micro tweezers.

It is then handed around inside a magenta pink pizza takeaway box.

Another waiter hands me a platter of Kumamoto oysters with kimchi and wild strawberries served in solid sliver shells.

Not the only bling around though as the tables all around the terrace have full sized Iberian ham legs made entirely of gold with the finest slivers of pata negra placed immaculately on top.

There are takeaway-style branded cardboard baskets of homemade bread sticks and Payoyo cheese – an artisan cheese of the Sierra de Grazalema, which is deemed one of world’s finest cheeses. Whilst munching/gorging on this, I was given off-the-scale patatas bravas – wafer thin shaved potatoes with a slightly ferocious pepper sauce that was instantly cooled down by a glass of incredible tomato and basil soup – summer in a cup! Perfecto.

Sticking to the ‘Made in Spain’ journey, I skip over to the Heart Olive Stall which adorns one of the Adrià brothers immortal creations…‘Olive juice spherifications’ – a feat of molecular gastronomy that was introduced at el Bulli in 2005. I’m all over them.

When I placed a liquid olive on my tongue I let it roll around for a second or two, texturally similar to an oyster, it almost felt like a tiny water balloon in my mouth – then suddenly the balloon splits on its own, its ruptured skin released a stream of incredible liquid across my tongue. The juice had a slightly gelatinous consistency and tasted like a premium olive oil, perhaps with a hint of salt in it. So Heston Blumenthal’s theory about training your brain to like olives after eating them 16 times absolutely goes out of the window here – I would say if you are not a olive fan you could be hooked instantaneously.

I was also ridiculously impressed by the Spanish Tortilla Takoyaki. Being one of Japan’s best-known street snacks which are normally made with a batter concealing a creamy filling made with boiled octopus – these were an adaptation of a classic Spanish tortilla made into perfect spheres by a very clever man using only chopsticks!

The outside was light, golden and crisp with a divine liquid egg centre and a hint of caramelised onion. They are served looking like bosoms (sorry, can’t help myself) topped with the famous tonkatsu sauce and with mayonnaise. I think I had four in a row.

Taste sensation after taste sensation…boiled prawns in a cocktail sauce – what did they do to them? Try and think of the best prawn cocktail you have ever eaten and times it by 100.

Ham Croquettes crunchy and oozing velvet heaven. Ham and Cheese grilled sandwiches that I would beg for after a post Pikes hangover. Sticking to a bread theme, I tried the Fried Fish Sanguche, a Peruvian wonder (think of the best fish finger sandwich ever) – it was served in a miniature finger bread roll called roseta with a gorgeous crispy crust and a light interior. Almost empty on the inside with enough room to accommodate all the ingredients – light as air battered white fish, coriander, lettuce, classic Peruvian sauces aji amarillo paste and salsa criolla, plus of course the all important mayonnaise with perhaps a hint of mustard. When my husband asks me for a fish finger butty next time, I will give this recipe a go for sure.

For an Asian inspired trip I headed to the Thai salad of green papaya and pink grapefruit to awaken the palate…

This was followed by some perfect “Boisan” Vietnamese rolls – these rice paper vegetable spring rolls are unbelievably refreshing, clean and cool with ‘front of mouth’ zingy flavours and served with a nuoc cham dipping sauce which has to be one of the most addictive sauces on the planet.

The Salmon Nigiri stall had me lingering quite a long time…

– I think it’s quite safe to say that it was best sushi I have had since living in Ibiza.

Staying in Asia I had the most moorish chicken yakitori, my favourite ever – gyozas filled with spiced pork, some veggie siu-mai all cooked to order and served in a classic bamboo steamer basket…then obviously I had to have a side of spicy edamame to go with it – rude not to.

I totally adored the Taco stall, embellished with Mexican street art and a revolving spit.

Taco al Pastor originates from Central Mexico and is an adaption of the Shawarma spit-grilled meat brought by the Lebanese immigrants to Mexico (also similar to the good ol’ Turkish doner kebab but with pork)…it was deeeelish.

And then it was back to the Patron stall before a palate livener of the finest seafood ceviche – clean, fresh citrusy juices…an absolute dream.

So whilst in my food fantasy here, I forgot to mention the craziness going on around me…random rioters running around with vintage suitcases, a naked girl getting body painted and dancers on an elevated grass lawn as the who’s who of Spain arrive to join the party.

We are escorted downstairs for supper and ‘The Show’. The acts were avant garde, edgy and industrial alongside electronic visual creations, performance artists interacting with the sensory screen and a graffiti artist inside a perspex box.

Not to mention a dolly bird with an amazing shot-dispensing device that looked like it was being poured from the heart. It was time for more champagne.

Individual desserts were now being served in a huge white perspex box with individual compartments holding magical mouthfuls of heaven hot and cold ninyoyaki, yoghurt biscuits, ‘strawberry with strawberry’, cupuccina babba, the cherry tree, the chocolate box, infused melon, frozen pineapple…I am experiencing sensory overload as I remember it all. Now I hate the statement ‘I should have saved room’, but boy it bit me on the bum this time good and proper.

In the cold light of day the morning after, all I can say is Heart BEATS like no other – you will experience multi sensory artistry, extraordinary creativity and attention to detail at the highest level. Expect all the thrills of the circus…but more than anything else, expect the unexpected. Ibiza is now firmly on the world class gastronomy map.

So that was the street food fully sampled, next time I’ll be back to try their sensory supper…after a few days of fasting! Check out some of this summer’s awesome line ups below…

Ferran and Albert Adrià Plan to Open in Ibiza Next Year

Next year, the prolific Albert Adrià will continue his restaurant-opening streak with a new and — from what few details have leaked out — totally wild concept in Ibiza. Adrià told Eater in an interview earlier this year that he had plans for "a restaurant and night club" on the island off the coast of Spain, and now he tells Vanitatis that his brother Ferran Adrià is collaborating with him on "an international and multidisciplinary project" that will open on May 29, 2015. Though Adrià doesn't reveal too much more information, he does add that the concept will be open six months out of a year and renew itself with each year. Oh, and the plan is to serve 1,000 people a day.

So what could this all possibly mean? Well, Diario de Ibiza reports that the Adrià brothers are in negotiations with Cirque de Soleil and the Casino de Ibiza. That said, the casino's managing director Enrique Banegas warns the publication that these negotiations are "still green" and nothing is signed just yet. So stay tuned.

Watch the video: Inauguració del nou restaurant espectacle de Ferran Adrià i Cirque du Soleil