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Heart cake

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Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt, add the sugar and then the oil, beat well, then add the flour. Wallpaper the cake form with baking paper (medium cake shape), pour the composition and put it in the preheated oven. It's ready when it passes the toothpick test.


Thick strawberry syrup diluted with 2-3 tablespoons of water, depending on how much you want to syrup the cake, make the amount of syrup


Rub the butter well with the vanilla sugar sachets. Strawberries are passed, larger pieces can remain or they are passed until it becomes a puree. The cream envelope with the sugar and cold milk is mixed until it becomes a consistent cream, then it is mixed with the butter and the strawberry puree.


Cut the cake into 2 or 3, depending on how well it has grown. Syrup, spread the cream between layers and garnish with strawberries and whipped cream

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I'm not overly concerned by the camera I & # 8230 Any suggestions for alternatives? I'm not overly concerned by the camera I have a good mirrorless lumix that can't be equalled by a phone. Just want a good screen for movie playback and browsing.

Any idea how long the delivery time is? The arial brings me back to those infamous Walkie Talkie day's, & # 8230 The arial brings me back to those infamous Walkie Talkie day's, hehehehehe. A little niche, maybe Here's another "tough phone" competitor but of & # 8230 A little niche, maybe Here's another "tough phone" competitor but of course many will dislike the antenna on this - NOMU T18 has a replaceable battery, which makes a change!

May you like this deal as well. Do you have a link to one actually sold by Amazon? Sold by Amazon, therefore its 1 year with amazon, no issues no excuses! Why custom charge not added to total price?

Goverment & # 8230 Why custom charge not added to total price? Goverment clearly says there are fees on import over 15 pounds. Its the same as you take something unpaid in shop Read less Read more.

Why do posters never tell members that this is from a Chinese seller? No & # 8230 Why do posters never tell members that this is from a Chinese seller? No warranty, impossible to return if faulty on receipt, and possible import duties and VAT.

OK for those who are aware and happy to take the gamble, but to many its just an "approved by HUKD website" so those members don't realize they are taking a gamble. Some members may just say "Its buyer beware" fair enough if that's the way you feel about the less savvy members of our community Read less Read more.

In an effort to get gearbest to sort issues some info for everyone. I have & # 8230 In an effort to get gearbest to sort issues some info for everyone. I have bought lots of stuff from them and generally good, but when it goes wrong its a mountain to climb.

However recent android box went wrong. First remote then box. Gearbest customer service woes started. Offered a couple of quid refund and no joy, or even understanding of English through gearbest ticket system, next to useless.

Escalated to paypal, eventually full offer of refund. Eventually through paypal offered a UK return address for info gearbest ticket system contradicted what they were saying through paypal Weiwen Luo Address: One could interpret this as a device to ‘pretend’ to offer refund then refuse to accept the returned goods.

Only when I refused final paltry offer from through paypal, after they had previously offered full refund did the return that mysteriously had been repeatedly rejected, was now accepted, on the day Paypal ruled in my favor for full return of money.

So if everyone uses paypal for payment and escalation, keeps full records, they will compel gearbest to fully refund. If everyone does this then maybe gearbest will sort it properly.

Have a look at the Ulefone T1 on Gearbest. Seems to be the same hardware & # 8230 Have a look at the Ulefone T1 on Gearbest. Seems to be the same hardware in a standard case Read less Read more.

My order seems to be ‘packed’ but still not shipped out yet. I hope it & # 8230 My order seems to be 'packed' but still not shipped out yet. I hope it will get delivered by Christmas. On the side note, why do you need 5 phones?

Mine's just been delivered. It's an absolute bargain and I'd happily pay & # 8230 Mine's just been delivered. Just thinking if I should order it now at or wait till black Friday & # 8230 Just thinking if I should order it now at or wait till black Friday and see if price drops again Read less Read more.

I have one, it is a brillant phone, and a steal for Color does not & # 8230 I have one, it is a brillant phone, and a steal for Color does not matter, because you can buy a case any color you like to put it in.

I also have another phone with a 6 plus "screen. Bit like flat screen TVs, once you have experienced a bigger sceen you never want to go back. I use both, so if you are happy with 5.

I have a Ulefone Be Touch 2 from 2. It took them c4 months & # 8230 FYI: It took them c4 months and a couple of software updates to get it mostly working as advertised.

They haven't maintained the firmware at all for over 2 years now. It was cheap, and has worked reasonably reliably though showing its age now but I'd never touch them with a bargepole again because of that personal experience.

Using a 3 data only sim in my dual sim ulefone Paris, here in Spain, no & # 8230 Using a 3 data only sim in my dual sim ulefone Paris, here in Spain, no issues at all. Setup sim preferences in settings Read less Read more.

I've bought this, from my experience so far I've found dual sim useless as & # 8230 I've bought this, from my experience so far I've found dual sim useless as the secondary sim isn't normally of the same standard as the first.

I wanted to be able to have one day to day sim and then one data sim, but it wouldn't let me do the latter, and then when I spoke to three they said data sims were for tablets and not phones anyway so it might get blocked if I did get one working!

Risked it from china as can make do with my old phone until it arrives, just hope I don't have to pay customs charge on it or have reason to return it. Someone on here said if you pay paypal it would have you covered, but aliexpress never gave me a paypal option.

We will have to agree to disagree, like i said p is perfectly fine, & # 8230 We will have to agree to disagree, like i said p is perfectly fine, certainly for text, certainly not enough to cause any discomfort, while i suspect you're exaggerating to make a point but computer monitors are viewed quite close p no problem.

I'm just providing feedback on my experience buying them so others can & # 8230 I'm just providing feedback on my experience buying them so others can realize it's not all apple clones and sugar.

Thank you so, so much. There is noting else on your list that I desperately need. Thank you again x Read less Read more. Of course, your expectations may not be very high, so this could be more than good enough.

This camera's review at DeviceSpecifications: Also, just to confirm, nothing else in the list I posted earlier makes much of a difference to you? Thank you Crossbow, I really appreciate your help. I would really like a & # 8230 Thank you Crossbow, I really appreciate your help.

I would really like a decent camera on a mobile phone as mine is so old and slow now was refurbished when I bought it and I just would really like as decent a camera as I can get. If possible I would like it to have Bluetooth and I am with ee so would really like to be able to use it with that network.

If you could help at all I would be really grateful x Read less Read more. Deal temperatures are the heart of HotUKDeals. If you think a deal is hot, vote it up by clicking the red plus.

Otherwise, cool it down by voting cold. Have you found a good deal yourself? Share it here and other members will vote on how hot the deal is. Find here other ways to view the deals.

You can view it in either grid, list or text only view. When clicking this gear icon you can find other ways to view the deals. Through our main menu you can navigate to certain categories or shops you are interested in.

We use cookie files to improve site functionality and personalization. By continuing to use HotUKDeals, you accept our cookie and privacy policy. Found 12th Mar Found 12th Mar.

Is this phone worth a point? Also is geekbuying a website to trust? The usual customs gamble would apply as well. Mister35mm ​​17th Mar Ive got one and had it for a month.

Read less Read more That is much the norm. Intels Burst mode is very similar too. You get the central task completing at an ultra fast 2. Its too hot to run 4 at 2. If Ulefone are underclocking this to 2Ghz max then battery life gets improved much further and at only a small cost in speed.

What is your max CPU? Notice that the P25 at full speed can use double the wattage! And the battery test shows 3 times the battery life of some top end stuff.

Used right you could make this battery last 10 years easily. Mister35mm ​​19 h, 9 m ago Ive got one and had it for a month. Read less Read more Thanks for the run down. I ended up going via Ali Express last weekend and got the black model with free case, screen protector and other cable accesories.

I'll report back when I receive - probably weeks from now. Read less Read more My first choice would be one of the many Xiaomi models that are available. They're always well received especially from the HUKD community it seems.

The closest alternative was the P2 but that is no more. View more Post comment. Found 5th Feb Found 5th Feb. Ulefone Power 3S Android 8. Okay, this the new Ulefone power 3s and not power 3. Since the battery on Ulefone was not big enough, they decided to make it even bigger from to mAH.

The camera is slight & # 8230 Read more. I have a similar problem with AliExpress in that they keep telling me they will give me a refund ans to give them about 10 days to send the refund but it never comes, so I never buy big price items from them anymore, and would give this advice to anyone.

However theapps I regularly used never utilized the full capabilities - the phone reported that on average it only used GB of its 6 GB available RAM. I am not convinced this amount of RAM or number of processing cores 8 is required for the average user.

Unfortunately after only 4 months use in the included protective case I had to put the offered one year warranty to the test when the screen stopped lighting up.

The phone was securely packaged and posted from the UK on 29th December and received in China on the 16th January. On 18th January I was informedthat as Chinese New Year was only a month away that staff were very busy and I was asked to be patient.

On 18th February I was informed that Chinese New Year had just passed and staff were very busy and I was asked to be patient. On 14th March they sent me pictures to show a badly damaged phone with the screen coming apart from the body of the phone and severe scratches and dents around the metal edging.

This was not my phone as it was when it was sent back, but how could I prove this - I had neglected to take pictures of the condition of the phone as I was preparing it to be sent off.

I contacted my credit card provider to try and make a claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act which means that the credit card company is jointly liable for any breach of contract or misrepresentation by the retailer.

Apparently the same problem arises with the likes of Amazon Marketplace. It was also too late to request a charge-back. On sending the phone away even naively thinking that it may take a couple of weeks to get the repaired phone back - I still had to buy a replacement to use in the interim, who could be without a phone for weeks these days?

I would offer some advice as a result of my experiences: If you must have a Ulefone phone, these can be bought from a UK seller at a premium - the UK sellers such as Amazon will offer a replacement as they are obliged to under the Sale of Goods Act.

Alternatively, there are plenty of phones that can be bought in the UK for a similar price with slightly less impressive specs but that come with a usable warranty. I bought a Huawei p8 lite from Carphone Warehouse for a similar price which came with the reassurance that if it proves to be faulty like the Ulefone, it will be replaced or repaired within hours or days.

Until a more suitable arrangement is in place to deal with faulty products this phone is not suitable to be sold in the UK via AliExpress. I would advise taking the protection of buying locally - either a lower spec phone for the same price or this phone at the increased local price.

Do not buy direct from China and expect to be treated fairly. The battery length is my main factor in getting a phone that and toughness. Armor 2 and Power 2 owner.

Read less Read more Couple of weeks, maybe 3 weeks is pretty normal, be it Aliexpress, gearbest or banggood. Found 4th Feb Found 4th Feb. Looking out for a waterproof, rugged phone, this seems the best price for this one at the moment.

Here's an older Deal thread about this: Bought something from them last year, and it came through nicely, no problem. Found 28th Jan Found 28th Jan. Ulefone Power 3 Face ID 6. Some comments and reviews in the comments of my previous deal.

Hope this helps someone. Is this much better than the Vernee mix2? I tried 1 app that claimed to do it but they were still linked. I bought one of these phones and I was a bit skeptical. I was going to buy a xiaomi redmi note 5 pro but the specs weren't the best so i took my chances.

It took 2 weeks to get delivered but i'm really happy with it. Ok the cameras not the best hopefully oreo update will help out but everything else is superb. I always had problems with smart phones only lasting a day this phone can easily hit 2.

It runs really well coming form a S6 edge plus. Found 11th Jan Found 11th Jan. Been looking for a waterproof phone. This seems to have great specs. Looks like a great phone for the money.

Found 10th Jan Found 10th Jan. I am looking for good chinese phone with large battery. This seems like a very good phone for the price. There are some reviews on youtube which you can check out.

Don't think the & # 8230 Read more. This is the cheapest I could I find. Cheapest place to purchase the Power 3? Want the hottest deals in your inbox? Smartphones Ulefone Armor smartphone.

FindPare is a service that helps you compare prices, delivery times and shipping information for thousands of items across both local and global online retailers.

All items come with unbiased reviews, a FindPare smart rating and accurate specifications. Country FindPare shows stores that deliver to your country. Currency Convert prices to your local currency.

Facebook share Twitter share. Write your review on the Ulefone Armor smartphone. Do you have an experience with Ulefone Armor smartphone? Write a comment, it will help other people to decide.

Black, Orange Body materials This refers to the materials of which the smartphone's body is made from. In case you drop it in water if it's waterproof it won't sustain any damage.

The screen size varies from phone to phone. There are small phones with screens of 4 inches to very large phones with screens of 5. If the phone has a higher resolution, that means that it has more pixels.

If you have more pixels then they can provide the display with the ability of more visual information. So, simply put, the higher the resolution, the better images your phone will be able to give you.

The best resolution a phone can have is 4K, Ultra HD x They are measured in pixels per inch, or PPI. The density of a pixel can be calculated if you divide the pixel resolution in diagonal by the diagonal size of a display.

The more pixels you have the better the picture quality your phone will give off. Camera Primary camera resolution This is the camera placed on the back of the phone. It's resolution is measured in megapixels MPX and the word mega means million.

The higher the megapixel count you have the better. Nowadays the average megapixel count on a primary camera is MPX. The highest megapixel count a phone has to this day is 41 Megapixels.

The average for a selfie camera is MPX. The Xenon flash is mostly used for videos, and the LED flash is mostly used for taking pictures, because it only illuminates a small area.

LED Sensor Detailed information about the model of the sensor used by the device's camera. There are 2 types of camera sensors: CCD sensor are now older and a bit outdated.

The CMOS sensors are more efficient, they require much less power, and are performing better for high-speed burst modes. The bigger the aperture the more light goes through, unlike a small aperture which lets less light in.

The Aperture is measured in f-stops. The larger the aperture the smaller the f-stop number. Slow motion refers to the effect of slowing down time. This is achieved in two ways. This is slow overcranking.

The second is achieved in post production and is less likely to be a feature on a device. Device Hardware Processing unit Processor family The name of the processor. There are many proccessor families such as Qualcomm, Samsung, nVidia, Marvell One of the best phones on the market use Snapdragon processors because they are fast, efficient and with fewer errors than others.

The SOC model has two selection kinds. There is the elective selection and the loss-based selection. They both differ in their functionallity. The Elective selection is the delineation of goals so that it can match one person’s needs.

It aims at achieving higher levels of functioning. On the other hand, loss-based selection is referring to changes in goals like adapting standards or replacing goals that cannot be achieved anymore.

Basically a bit processor is much faster than bit one and can run applications and other software twice as fast as the bit. The miniaturization and standardization of processors have substantially increased their existence beyond the limited application of dedicated computing machines.

You can see modern microprocessors in automobiles, mini computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. The best processor is an 8 core processor. This means that you can run 8 applications at the same time without the device being slowed down.

The average processors that are used in the devices are Quad-core which means that they have 4 cores. The more cores you have the faster your device runs. Octa-Core 8 cores Frequency Frequency is the rate that a chip such as the Central Processing Unit or CPU runs and it is used for indicating the speed of the processing unit.

The fastest processor speed on a smartphone is 2. The more RAM you have the faster your applications run. Storage Storage space The capacity of the storage on a device.

How much information like videos, pictures, applications, movies, songs, etc. SD card is basically an external storage card on which you can store anything you like.

There are SD cards up to gb of storage. So, you would like to have a phone that has an SD card slot. Sensors Detailed information about all of the sensors that the phone uses, all varying in their type and purpose and increasing the overall functionality of the device.

Fingerprint If the device possesses a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner saves the pattern of your fingerprints and then later uses it to unlock your device, or instead of you typing in long passwords you can just use your fingerprint.

With this no one can bypass your device unless they have your fingerprint. It assists you by getting a faster lock and instantly delivers attitude data. No Compass This is a digital compass that is usually based on a sensor that's called a magnetometer.

This provides your device with simple orientationa simple orientation in relation to Earth's magnetic field. With this your phone will always know which way is North and can auto rotate your digital maps depending on your position.

Yes Gyroscope This is used to add additional dimension to the accelerometer simply by tracking twist and rotation. Yes Hall The hall sensor is used to disable or lock the smartphone's screen when a cover that has magnets in it touches the screen.

The benefits of this are that it saves battery life when it disables the screen. This is a very nice option to have on a phone because it will extend the battery lifespan in the long run No Light This is an electronic device that is used to detect light.

Yes Proximity sensing It is used to detect when an object is near the device. Commonly used to sense if the device is being held up to the ear by the user so that it can turn off the display. It saves a lot of batter life and prevents accidently touching the screen with your face or ear.

Software Operating system Information about which operating system is used by the device. Most common operating systems are Android, iOS and Windows. The most used operating system is the Android and it has an open user interface that you can modify to your needs.

Battery Capacity Information about the capacity of the battery. Measured in Milliamp Hours or mAh. The bigger the mAh the longer your phone stays up and running. The battery capacity varies from to mAh.

There are 4 battery types for mobile phones:

Kaspersky internet hk warehouse ulefone armor yourself with affirmations

We would like to show you a description here but the site won & # 8217t allow us. Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

07.03.2018 - Read less Read more Couple of weeks, maybe 3 weeks is pretty normal, be it Aliexpress, gearbest or banggood. It has the fastest data transfer speed at the moment and best mobile reception. No & # 8230 Why do posters never tell members that this is from a Chinese seller? One plus 5t price in nepal 7 4 - Latest oneplus x. The Xenon flash is mostly used for videos, and the LED flash is mostly used for taking pictures, because it only illuminates a small area. Light This is an electronic device that is used to detect light. I use monzo now as found and pay flaky.

Party cake

1. Separate the eggs, beat the egg whites with the sugar and when the meringue is ready, add the yolks one by one, the vanilla sugar, the ground walnuts and at the end the sifted flour. Stir gently to prevent lumps or lumps.

2. Pour the top composition in the form lined with baking paper and put in the oven for about 40 minutes, on the right heat.

3. Separately, put 4 egg yolks in a bowl, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and mix with powdered sugar until a fine cream is obtained. Mix the yolk cream with the mascarpone cream and vanilla sugar. It splits in two. Half of the cream is mixed with half of the mascarpone cream and strawberry syrup, and the other half with the rest of the mascarpone cream.

4. After the countertop is baked, cut it in half, fill it with cream and decorate the clown face. Let cool for 2-3 hours and then serve for the holidays.

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Peppa Pig cake

Patrick is a wonderful boy, like all children his age and because he was 4 years old, he really wanted his cake to be with Peppa Pig. So his mother contacted me and I was lucky to be able to make this cake. & # 128578

It was a small cake, 2 kilograms, with a simple white top (recipe here), vanilla mousse (recipe here), syruped with apricot compote juice. That's how my mother wanted it to be inside, simple and it was extremely tasty. I wrapped the cake with sugar paste (see recipe here), and I made the figurines from sugar paste for modeling (see recipe here). The top and cream were fluffy and fragrant, with country eggs, and Patrick really enjoyed the cake. It was a great pleasure for me to make this cake and the truth is that I would always make cakes for children, it is an indescribable pleasure to shape the characters, to think through the prism of a child. And the joy of the dwarf when he sees creation & hellip is really the greatest treasure in the world. I always make big discounts on baby cakes & # 128578, I love to play and be a baby again. I make unique cakes, I will not repeat this model, but there are so many models to make & hellip

Cooking recipes during pregnancy

Recipes for pregnant women, recommended during task, meant to help the mother to have a balanced diet. Here you will find a selection of culinary recipes based on ingredients that contain nutrients, good for the body in full transformation of the pregnant woman, but also for the baby in the womb.

Sarmale of beef in sour cabbage leaves

Beef sarmale recipe in sour cabbage leaves it is preferred by housewives during the holidays. Served with freshly prepared polenta and hot peppers, large or small, sauerkraut in sour cabbage leaves are flavorful and filling.

There are a multitude of cabbage roll recipes in cabbage leaves, various ways of wrapping the composition or preparing it on the fire or in the oven, but this is the traditional method and the tastiest recipe.

Gingerbread men

This homemade gingerbread recipe is one of the children's favorites and can be prepared as a family. Children will be delighted not only with the shape of the cakes, but will be excited to participate in decorating the little men and shaping them.

Gingerbread is a tasty, soft dessert suitable for the winter holidays. Both older and younger children will prefer this dessert that keeps very well for a few days.

Here are the ingredients and how to prepare it gingerbread men.

Christmas cake

This one Christmas cake recipe is an easy and quick way to prepare a little surprise for children on Christmas Eve or to cook a dessert for a quiet family dinner.

The recipe can be adapted to your own preferences, so you can choose to decorate the cake in a different way than the one presented in this recipe. Instead of marzipan you can add biscuit crumbs or other type of icing.

Here are the ingredients and how to prepare a Christmas cake.

Christmas cake with sour cherries

The recipe for Christmas cake with cherries Amarena does not have a high degree of difficulty, but the cake needs a few hours in the cold before being eaten. But it is a perfect recipe if you want to prepare the cake on the eve and offer it to the guests even on Christmas days.

The special aroma is given by mascarpone and Amarena cherries, which are smaller cherries, with a bitter-sweet taste, which you can find packaged in jars.

We hope you like the recipe. Find below the ingredients and how to prepare the Christmas cake with Amarena cherries.


Panettone is a type of cake originating in Italy, with a dome shape and a soft and fluffy dough. It is already prepared, but the recipe prepared at home does not contain all the preservatives you can find in the packaged versions.

Reteta de panettone este una dificila ca timp de pregatire, fiindca necesita timp pentru dospire, coacere si racire, dar gustul deosebit si textura aluatului fac sa merite tot efortul.

Panettone poate sa fie servit ca desert, cu ocazia sarbatorilor, dar poate sa reprezinte si o gustare dulce, asociata cu o cana de cafea sau ciocolata calda.

Cozonac german cu fructe uscate

Aceasta reteta de cozonac german cu fructe uscate va avea un succes incredibil daca va ganditi sa o pregatiti in perioada sarbatorilor. Este un cozonac cu o textura pufoasa, care are in compozitie nu doar stafide ci si branza de vaci si migdale.

Cozonacul se poate servi dupa ce se raceste si este pastrat cel mai bine intr-un loc rece si fara umezeala. Poate sa fie servit ca desert, dupa o masa pregatita de sarbatori sau impreuna cu o cana de ciocolata calda.

Gasiti in continuare ingredientele necesare si modul in care se prepara cozonacul german cu fructe uscate.

Gogosi cu merisoare

Reteta de gogosi cu merisoare este atata de gustoasa incat merita tot efortul in pregatirea ei. Gogosile sunt gustoase si arata senzational mai ales daca le pregatiti pentru o seara speciala sau cu ocazia sarbatorilor.

Glazura are gust de merisoare si adaugarea bucatilor de merisoare deasupra glazurii ii confera gogosii un aspect deosebit, mai ales ca reteta recomanda o dimensiune potrivita a gogosilor (decupate cu forma circulara de 9 cm).

Speram sa va placa reteta de gogosi cu merisoare, desi are un timp de pregatire mai mare.

Briose cu mac si banane

Reteta de briose cu mac si banane este o reteta potrivita pentru intreaga familie, se gateste usor, iar briosele pot fi desertul ideal in serile racoroase de iarna, alaturi de o ciocolata calda sau un ceai aromat.

Aceasta reteta de briose este conceputa pentru a gati 12 bucati, dar poate fi adaptata astfel incat sa pregatiti si mai multe bucati.

Reteta este inedita fiindca este conceputa din firimituri si aluat cu gust de scortisoara. Firimiturile confera o textura deosebita aluatului si un aspect interesant, avand aroma de martipan.

Stele cu scortisoara

Recipe of stele cu scortisoara este o reteta de fursecuri in forma de stea, glazurate cu martipan. Aceasta reteta este perfecta pentru sarbatorile de Craciun sau pentru serile mai reci cand vreti sa va bucurati de o gustare buna alaturi de un ceai aromat sau o ciocolata calda.

Este o reteta de fursecuri care se prepara usor, iar aroma de scortisoara se imbina perfect cu migdalele si martipanul. Stelele pot fi pastrate la rece, in cutii de sticla inchise etans care le conserva gustul si fragezimea.

Iata mai jos care sunt ingredientele pentru fursecurile in forma de stele cu scortisoara si modalitatea de preparare a acestei retete culinare.

Friptura picanta de miel

Reteta de friptura picanta de miel este potrivita pentru cei care prefera carnea de miel sau pentru perioada sarbatorilor pascale. Friptura de miel constituie un meniu elegant si satios, aromat si nutritiv. Carnea de miel este o sursa buna de proteine, de vitamina B12 si B3. Mielul este o carne cu putine grasimi saturate, iar atunci cand este pregatit corect, aduce toate beneficiile.

Tortulet inimos - Rețete

Hero VII Overclocking Ram to 2400mhz with hyperx Beast 32mb
Pleaseeeeeee can someone help, im a newbie to this so please have some patience

This rig ive built over the past 2 wks and this is my first build from fresh but I have some experience in custom builds

The issue I'm having is that im trying to get the Ram to run at 2400mhz again, I say again as the system was running fine at that speed but randomly on a start up the mobo started to go into a boot loop self testing phase and would not come out of it until I pushed the MEM OK button, it would reset when the LED display got to 35 or 39, (checking the manual this is seems to be a RAM issue) I have tried the XMP profile (2 profiles 2133 & 2401) and manually inputting the numbers to get the speed back to 2400mhz but to no avail, I have selected the XMP profile that allows 2133mhz and the PC boots and runs fine, and im sure I can use this without any problems but its buggin the hell out of me why I cant get it to reboot at 2400mhz speed? I have cleared CMOS reflashed and installed the latest FW but nothing works it just continues in this endless bootlooping cycle (which btw is that safe to do??)..

as I said im new to this and OC so I haven't messed with any voltage settings I know the DRAM volt is currently 1.65 allowance but like I said it all loaded fine but now it doesn't. I have searched and searched for any tips but there doesn't seem to be anything that I can find that relates to what my problem is..

any help or advice would be great

The basic Setup
Hero Vii mobo with ROG front panel (Which has had to be returned due to 4th digit not being displayed on the RPM LED)
intel 4790k Devils canyon
hyperx beast 32mb 2400mhz ram (Kit of 4x8mb)
asus gtx770
EVGA 850w PSU modulated
Corsair H55
8 additional fans 6 being Corsair & 2 side exhaust case fans
Samsung evo SSD
2 extra HD totalling 4TB
Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

sorry to list it all but I know people need to know as much possible regarding a system.

another thing we need to know ,is the 32 mb ram came in a set or 2 individual kits ie 2x16 mb??

if they are 2 kits that could be your problem

thanks for your reply, knew there would be something I forgot,, it was a kit 4 (4x8mb)

Hi adebabyo1 and Welcome to ROG.

A high frequency setting for your DIMMs is reliant on the strength of the Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) within your CPU.

Some Intel chips are better than others, I suggest reading these articles for a better understanding.

Once you have established a stable base CPU clock frequency and voltage in conjunction with your DIMMs, you can then start to OC.

You have purchased a rather expensive set of Dimms, so I hope you are able to reach their potential.

I suggest you start with only 1 DIMM in the first slot and only make changes in Bios for OCing.

Boot into Windows, run a small stress test and monitor your temps.

Once you understand the concepts of the articles above, we can help with specific problems, So see how you go and please report back.

Kosmos Energy Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2020 Results

Kosmos Energy Ltd. ("Kosmos") (NYSE: KOS) announced today its financial and operating results for the fourth quarter of 2020. For the quarter, the Company generated a net income of $8 million, or .02 per diluted share. When adjusted for certain items that impact the comparability of results, the Company generated an adjusted net loss (1) of $49 million or .12 per diluted share for the fourth quarter of 2020.


Net Production (2) - 60,200 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd) with sales of 71,200 boepd

Revenues - $274 million, or $41.84 per boe

Production expense - $104 million, or $15.85 per boe

General and administrative expenses - $15 million, $9 million cash expense and $6 million non-cash

$46 million Base Business capital expenditures

$75 million Mauritania and Senegal, primarily accrued non-cash capital expenditures

Net cash provided by operating activities - $175 million free cash flow 1 - $99 million

At quarter end, the Company was in a net overlift position of approximately 0.2 million barrels of oil.

Commenting on the company’s fourth quarter and full year 2020 performance, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Andrew G. Inglis said: "Kosmos delivered on its key strategic priorities in 2020, despite the challenges faced by the sector during the year. With focus on safe and reliable operations across the portfolio, we delivered robust production performance. In Mauritania and Senegal, Phase 1 of the Tortue project maintained momentum and finished the year around 50% complete with a financing path established. We monetized a portfolio of exploration assets in 2020 to focus activity on fast payback, high-return opportunities in proven basins we know well. We also took quick, decisive steps to protect the balance sheet and reduce costs.

Importantly, Kosmos reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability during the year by publishing its first Climate Risk & Resilience Report, setting a goal to be carbon neutral for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2030 or sooner, and by publishing the latest edition of our annual Sustainability Report, which reports transparently on our strong environmental, social, and governance credentials.

Operational momentum is building in 2021, with a significant uptick in forecast activity across the portfolio. We expect the nine planned infill wells in the base business to provide near-term production growth and the ramp up in activity at Phase 1 of Tortue to reach 80% completion by year-end. In addition, we plan to selectively invest in the best ILX projects across our diverse portfolio, as evidenced by the early success we had with the Winterfell discovery well last month.

With the strategic actions we took in 2020, we enter 2021 with a lower cost base, a solid balance sheet, healthy liquidity and the operational momentum to deliver value to our shareholders from a portfolio of assets that are low cost and lower carbon."

Kosmos returned to positive free cash flow with approximately $100 million in the fourth quarter, driven by increased oil sales, lower costs and completion of the Shell transaction.

Kosmos exited the fourth quarter of 2020 with approximately $2.0 billion of net debt and available liquidity of around $570 million.

The base business net capital expenditure for 2020 was approximately $147 million, in-line with company guidance.

Total net production in the fourth quarter of 2020 averaged approximately 60,200 boepd (2) . Full year net production of approximately 60,800 boepd is consistent with the Company’s updated guidance.

Production in Ghana averaged approximately 24,300 barrels of oil per day (bopd) net in the fourth quarter of 2020. As forecasted, Kosmos lifted three cargos from Ghana during the fourth quarter for a total of 10 cargos in 2020.

Gross production rates at Jubilee averaged approximately 75,500 bopd during the quarter with FPSO uptime of around 95%. TEN production averaged approximately 43,200 bopd gross for the fourth quarter with FPSO uptime of 98%.

In early 2021, the Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM) buoy was commissioned with the first offloading taking place in February. The CALM buoy will replace the need for shuttle tankers and is expected to reduce operating expenses going forward. Infill drilling is also expected to resume in the second quarter with drilling planned for three wells on Jubilee and one on TEN in 2021. The partnership entered into a rig contract of up to four years for the Maersk Venturer, which is expected to arrive on location in the second quarter.

Production in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico averaged approximately 25,500 boepd net (84% oil) during the fourth quarter, including recognition of contractual royalty relief of approximately 3,600 boepd.

In the fourth quarter, the Company commenced the Kodiak-2 completion, which is expected to begin production in March. Also during the quarter, drilling operations began on the Winterfell infrastructure-led exploration (ILX) well (Kosmos working interest 17.5%). In January 2021, the Company announced an oil discovery at Winterfell, which encountered approximately 26 meters (85 feet) of net oil pay in two intervals. Kosmos is now working with partners on an appraisal plan and development options. The discovery is located within tie back distance to several existing and planned host facilities. The Company plans to drill a second ILX well at Zora in the second half of the year.

After the encouraging results from the Tornado-4 water injection well in 2020, another infill well at Tornado is planned by the Operator in the middle of this year.

Production in Equatorial Guinea averaged approximately 31,200 bopd gross and 10,500 bopd net in the fourth quarter of 2020. As forecasted, Kosmos lifted 1.5 cargos from Equatorial Guinea during the quarter for a total of 4.5 cargos net in 2020.

In 2021, partners have commenced the second phase of the planned electrical submersible pump program as well an infrastructure enhancement campaign to increase operational uptime across the assets. Our first infill drilling campaign is expected to start in the second quarter with three wells planned.

Phase 1 of the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim project made good progress in the quarter and was around 50% complete by year end. The project remains on track for first gas in the first half of 2023.

To fund its current interest, Kosmos has established a financing path to first gas including the sale of the Company’s interest in the FPSO, the re-financing of the National Oil Company loans and a direct investment in Kosmos’ Mauritania and Senegal position. Good progress has been made with the FPSO sale with Kosmos and BP signing a Memorandum of Understanding this month outlining the key terms of the transaction. Closing is now targeted within the second quarter of 2021. The sale of the FPSO is expected to reduce Kosmos’ cash requirements to first gas by approximately $320 million as previously communicated.

The strong progress with Phase 1 is enabling the advancement of Phase 2 towards final investment decision, which is targeted for the end of 2022. Kosmos continues to collaborate with operator BP and the National Oil Companies of Mauritania and Senegal on a more capital efficient project, which leverages the infrastructure built in Phase 1 to reduce costs and enhance the returns of future phases. With lower capital requirements from an optimized scheme, Kosmos expects to fund its interest in Phase 2 largely from Phase 1 cash flows.

Closing of the sale of a portfolio of exploration assets to Shell

In December 2020, the Company successfully completed the previously announced transaction with B.V. Dordtsche Petroleum Maatschappij ("Shell"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell PLC (LSE: RDSA), to farm down interests in Suriname, Sao Tome & Principe and Namibia for approximately $95 million, plus future contingent payments of up to $100 million. The transfer of interests in South Africa is expected to take place in 2021.

2021 Capital Expenditure Budget

Kosmos expects to spend approximately $225 to $275 million in 2021, excluding Mauritania and Senegal, around 80% of which will target maintaining and growing existing production and up to 20% targeting growth activities, mainly through infrastructure-led exploration.

In Mauritania and Senegal, total 2021 capital expenditure for Kosmos' working interest is expected to be around $350 million and is expected to be funded primarily from proceeds of the previously mentioned FPSO sale ($250 million in 2021) and National Oil Company loan financing ($100 million).

At year end 2020, Kosmos had 2P reserves of around 480 million barrels, a reserves-to-production life of over 20 years, and 1P SEC reserves of around 140 million barrels (which excludes Tortue Phase 1), a reserves-to-production life of around 7 years, as certified by an independent third party.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Performance

As part of our commitment to strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance, Kosmos recently published a Climate Risk and Resilience Report that adheres to the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The report reviews how Kosmos is identifying and managing climate-related risks and opportunities across four categories: Governance, Strategy, Risk Management, and Metrics and Targets. In addition, the report includes a commitment to achieve Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon neutrality by 2030 or sooner, a full scenario analysis demonstrating the resilience of our portfolio including a scenario fully compliant with the goals of the Paris Agreement, and a description of innovative nature-based carbon capture projects used to mitigate emissions that cannot be eliminated.

During the fourth quarter Kosmos also published its annual Sustainability Report (previously known as the Corporate Responsibility Report) which reports on the company’s ESG performance and illustrates our commitment to supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including our leading position on transparency and in-country social investment innovation, and operating in accordance with our Business Principles.

(1) A Non-GAAP measure, see attached reconciliation of non-GAAP measure

(2) Production means net entitlement volumes. In Ghana and Equatorial Guinea, this means those volumes net to Kosmos' working interest or participating interest and net of royalty or production sharing contract effect. In the Gulf of Mexico, this means those volumes net to Kosmos' working interest and net of royalty.

Conference Call and Webcast Information

Kosmos will host a conference call and webcast to discuss fourth quarter 2020 financial and operating results today at 10:00 a.m. Central time (11:00 a.m. Eastern time). The live webcast of the event can be accessed on the Investors page of Kosmos’ website at The dial-in telephone number for the call is +1-877-407-3982. Callers in the United Kingdom should call 0800 756 3429. Callers outside the United States should dial 1-201-493-6780. A replay of the webcast will be available on the Investors page of Kosmos’ website for approximately 90 days following the event.

Kosmos is a full-cycle deepwater independent oil and gas exploration and production company focused along the Atlantic Margins. Our key assets include production offshore Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, as well as a world-class gas development offshore Mauritania and Senegal. We also maintain a sustainable proven basin exploration program in Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Kosmos is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange and is traded under the ticker symbol KOS. As an ethical and transparent company, Kosmos is committed to doing things the right way. The Company’s Business Principles articulate our commitment to transparency, ethics, human rights, safety and the environment. Read more about this commitment in the Kosmos Sustainability Report. For additional information, visit

Non-GAAP Financial Measures

EBITDAX, Adjusted net income (loss), Adjusted net income (loss) per share, free cash flow, and net debt are supplemental non-GAAP financial measures used by management and external users of the Company's consolidated financial statements, such as industry analysts, investors, lenders and rating agencies. The Company defines EBITDAX as Net income (loss) plus (i) exploration expense, (ii) depletion, depreciation and amortization expense, (iii) equity based compensation expense, (iv) unrealized (gain) loss on commodity derivatives (realized losses are deducted and realized gains are added back), (v) (gain) loss on sale of oil and gas properties, (vi) interest (income) expense, (vii) income taxes, (viii) loss on extinguishment of debt, (ix) doubtful accounts expense and (x) similar other material items which management believes affect the comparability of operating results. The Company defines Adjusted net income (loss) as Net income (loss) adjusted for certain items that impact the comparability of results. The Company defines free cash flow as net cash provided by operating activities less Oil and gas assets, Other property, and certain other items that may affect the comparability of results. The Company defines net debt as the sum of notes outstanding issued at par and borrowings on the Facility and Corporate revolver less cash and cash equivalents and restricted cash.

We believe that EBITDAX, Adjusted net income (loss), Adjusted net income (loss) per share, free cash flow, Net debt and other similar measures are useful to investors because they are frequently used by securities analysts, investors and other interested parties in the evaluation of companies in the oil and gas sector and will provide investors with a useful tool for assessing the comparability between periods, among securities analysts, as well as company by company. EBITDAX, Adjusted net income (loss), Adjusted net income (loss) per share, free cash flow, and net debt as presented by us may not be comparable to similarly titled measures of other companies.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. All statements, other than statements of historical facts, included in this press release that address activities, events or developments that Kosmos expects, believes or anticipates will or may occur in the future are forward-looking statements. Kosmos’ estimates and forward-looking statements are mainly based on its current expectations and estimates of future events and trends, which affect or may affect its businesses and operations. Although Kosmos believes that these estimates and forward-looking statements are based upon reasonable assumptions, they are subject to several risks and uncertainties and are made in light of information currently available to Kosmos. When used in this press release, the words "anticipate," "believe," "intend," "expect," "plan," "will" or other similar words are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Such statements are subject to a number of assumptions, risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the control of Kosmos (including, but not limited to, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic), which may cause actual results to differ materially from those implied or expressed by the forward-looking statements. Further information on such assumptions, risks and uncertainties is available in Kosmos’ Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") filings. Kosmos undertakes no obligation and does not intend to update or correct these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances occurring after the date of this press release, except as required by applicable law. You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this press release. All forward-looking statements are qualified in their entirety by this cautionary statement.

Tortuleț cu mere și aluat cu scorțișoară

Începem cu pregătirea compoziției de unt cu scorțișoară, cu care vom unge aluatul. Amestecăm, într-un bol, untul ușor moale cu zahărul brun, scorțișoara și pesmetul, până obținem o pastă omogenă. Dăm bolul la frigider doar până pregătim aluatul.

Cernem făina într-un vas și adăugăm la mijlocul ei oul, un praf de sare și bicarbonatul stins în oțet. Avem nevoie de bicarbonat pentru a se frăgezi aluatul după coacere. Începem să amestecăm toate ingredientele, turnând în fir subțire și apa rece. Obținem un aluat ușor ferm și nelipicios. Îl întindem pe masa ușor înfăinată, într-o foaie de 4-5 mm grosime.

Ungem aluatul cu amestecul de unt și scorțișoară și îl rulăm strâns. Îl acoperim cu folie de prospețime și îl dăm la congelator pentru 10 minute, doar până se întărește untul. Între timp, pregătim compoziția de mere. Merele curățate și date pe răzătoare se călesc amestecate cu zahărul. Când își schimbă bine culoarea, se adaugă untul și se amestecă până acesta se topește. Apoi se adaugă griș, în funcție de cât de zemoase sunt merele. Se lasă compoziția pe foc până se hidratează bine grișul, absorbând siropul lăsat de mere. Dăm compoziția de mere la rece până coacem foile de aluat cu scorțișoară.

Pentru coacerea foilor de aluat cu scorțișoară decupăm ruloul de aluat în rondele de aproximativ 1 cm grosime. Așezăm câte 6-7 rondele de aluat cu scorțișoară pe o hârtie de copt, în formă de floare. Peste ele, așezăm o altă hârtie de copt și le aplatizăm cu sucitorul de aluaturi. Transferăm aluatul astfel format în tigaie și îl coacem la foc mediu pentru 4-5 minute pe prima parte. Întoarcem aluatul pe partea cealaltă și din nou îl coacem, pentru 3-4 minute, de data aceasta, acoperind tigaia cu un capac.

Cum procedăm pentru a întoarce aluatul să nu se desfacă rondelele care s-au lipit între ele prin presare? Luăm o farfurie plată cu diametrul mai mare decât al tigăii și, înclinând tigaia, lăsăm aluatul să alunece pe farfurie. Am folosit pentru această rețetă tigaia de 24 cm din setul Regis Stone Diamond Maestro.

Așezăm, apoi, tigaia peste aluat, introducem o mână sub farfurie, iar cu cealaltă ținem bine tigaia. Cu o mișcare rapidă întoarcem farfuria peste tigaie și astfel se va întoarce și aluatul. Neapărat, folosim mănuși de bucătărie să nu ne ardem! După ce coacem foile de aluat cu scorțișoară, le lăsăm să se tempereze și le asamblăm sub formă de tortuleț, cu umplutura de mere între ele.

Se poate servi și imediat, decupând porțiile după rondele, dar este mult mai bun lăsat să se odihnească la rece 2-3 ore, acoperit. Astfel aluatul are suficient timp să se frăgezeazscă.

Spor la preparat tortuleț cu mere și aluat cu scorțișoară și poftă bună la savurat!

Tortulet raw de vanilie si roinita

Toate ingredientele se proceseaza in blender, pana devin pasta, precum smantana. Este ideal sa nu ramana urme de nuci caju ci sa fie o crema fina si delicata. In frisca obtinuta, se adauga fructe congelate cat si frunzulite tocate marunt de roinita. Se da la congelator timp de o jumatate de ora sau pana ce tortul s-a inghetat partial.

Consum si pastrare:

Ideal ar fi sa fie consumat cat de repede, insa spre exemplu, daca nu se poate consuma tot, se poate pastra timp de o saptamana in congelator. Imediat dupa decongelare, care poate dura si 10-15 minute, poate fi consumat. Tortul isi va pastra forma fara probleme.

Precizare 1:

Daca folositi caju raw pentru frisca, atunci lasati-l la inmuiat timp de 5-6 h. Daca folositi caju din comert, pe care scrie „caju crud”, nu este nevoie sa il lasati la inmuiat fiindca nu este crud, ci a fost lasat in apa fiarta in prealabil, pentru a putea fi scoasa coaja mai usor. Eu chiar si o parte din nucile sau semintele raw prefer sa le las la inmuiat in cantitate mare si sa le usuc ulterior la 40C in deshidrator, in special cand am nevoie de faina sau pulpa de la laptele vegetal, de caju sau de migdale, o usuc in deshidrator si ulterior o folosesc pe post de faina de nuci.

Precizare 2:

De multe ori am fost intrebata de ce nu dau un timp exact de cogelare. Din pacate, nu pot sa stiu ce congelator aveti si totul depinde de felul in care este setat acesta. Un tort raw poate sa fie gata in jumatate de ora sau in doua ore, intervalul difera de la congelator la congelator. Noi avem doua frigidere si pot vedea diferenta intre ele. La unul putem seta digital temperatura si ingheata imediat un tort raw, iar la altul este cu rotita analoaga, ca la orice frigider si in el, acelasi tort ingheata partial in 2 ore.


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