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What We’re Loving: The iFork

What We’re Loving: The iFork

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Something so simple and genius we wish we thought of it

In addition to how useful it is, the iFork Flatware can also be used as decorations for the holidays.

We’ve all gone to restaurants before and spotted dirty tables. It’s more than just dust: it’s the leftover food or spilled drinks that haven’t been cleaned up properly. Asking ask for new silverwareis not a good way to start the night. Even at home you flateware is questionable. After you eat, it can turn into quite the mess after you put down the fork you’ve used to dig through your food on a clean surface.

Now, thanks to the iFork, we can put aside our worries and time. The iFork is so simple and practical; we don’t know why no one’s thought of it before! It’s a stainless steel utensil with a round ball placed on the back crease so the utensil sits on the ball, not the surface.

So, where did this idea come from? Like us, Lindsey McNeil, a representative from the company, has her own share of problems with utensils. She said the iFork line came from “noticing everyday problems like dirtying up our counters and tables as food was on our flatware from cooking and dining. McNeil wanted flatware to “rise above the surface.”

She says that the iFork “avoids staining your surfaces and prevents any surface germs that live on counters and table tops from getting onto your utensils and into your mouth.”

It can also be used to decorate your table. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or the upcoming holidays, you can set your table with the iFork stackable line of flatware for an interest presentation.

Their website is launching later this month, so you can get your hands on your own set just in time for the holidays.

7 Vintage Inspired Kitchenwares We&rsquore Loving for Mother&rsquos Day

Whether you're hunting that perfect gift for Mom or browsing for something special to give yourself, these chic, retro-spirited finds are sure to please.

At this point, I honestly can’t remember how many disagreements (read: all-out, tear-filled dressing room brawls) over clothes my mom and I got into once I was at an age when I actually started caring about that sort of thing. It’s funny, the age when you actually start caring about that sort of thing—I𠆝 imagine it varies from tween to tween, but somewhere in the 11 to 13 range—is also the age when you are all of a sudden convinced that your mom, the woman who has dressed you for the entirety of your life until this very moment, couldn’t possibly know anything about dressing you, or about real fashion or what’s remotely 𠇌ool.” Or at least, there’s no way she could know more about it than you, the chic and worldly 12-year-old that you are.

I bring this up not because I think it’s somehow unique that my mom and I fought our way through purchasing just about every homecoming dress and back-to-school outfit during my teen years, but because one of the points that my sweet, persistent mother, try as she might, could never convince my brat brain of was that styles always come back around—the same designs and “looks” come in and go out of popularity over and over again. In other words, she the suggested the clothing items for me as she did, not to ruin my life, but because A.) they were more flattering to my body than the ones I picked and B.) they would put me ahead of the trends because they were reminiscent of what was trendy before. Ultimately, my mom, like many moms before her, gave up on arguing and bought me the flared “hip-hugger” jeans… because that’s what moms do. They give up every last bit of time, money, and sanity they can spare, to send their kid out into the world with confidence and the cool pair of jeans. They let us come to learn all of the things they tried to tell us (because it𠆝 have be easier on us if we𠆝 just listen) in our own time, by our own experience.

So now, as I sit around in my high-waisted, skinny jeans (essentially, the same silhouette I once rejected as ugly mom pants) and drool over mid-century modern housewares, I get it. And while, yes, it’s a wonderful thing to have this warm moment of understanding in regards to my mom and her wisdom… the main point I want to drive home right now is the same one she kept trying to make to me: Styles comes back around and around, and that’s something worth acknowledging and embracing.

Basically, I keep finding kitchen items that are absolutely swoon-worthy in their vintage-inspired designs, and this is what has inspired the theme for the following round-up of �utiful things you should give your mom because she deserves beautiful things.” Whether you’re hunting for the perfect gift for your own mom or seeking out the right #TreatYoself goody to self-gift because you’re a damn good mom, any of the following retro-spirited kitchenwares—in summer-perfect tones of turquoise and soft sea foam𠅊re sure to please.

15 No-Fuss Backyard BBQ Side Dish Recipes

Those with a creative eye know firsthand that inspiration is all around us. Whether you're energized by the earth tones of nature, a color-filled walk through a local farmer's market, or even by a quick scroll through Instagram, you never know what might spark a new creative project.

In the spirit of inspiring your next masterpiece, we're excited to partner with Bounty to fuel the next generation of artists and designers forward by launching a national design competition. We're calling on graphic designers to apply for a chance to see their work featured on a new Brit + Co and Bounty paper towel collection, set to launch in 2022.

Aside from the incredible exposure of having your illustrations on paper towels that'll be in stores across America next year, you'll also receive $5,000 for your art a scholarship for Selfmade, our 10-week entrepreneurship accelerator to take your design career to the next level (valued at $2,000) and a stand alone feature on Brit + Co spotlighting your artistry as a creator.

The Creatively You Design Competition launches Friday, May 21, 2021 and will be accepting submissions through Monday, June 7, 2021.


Who Should Apply: Women-identifying graphic designers and illustrators. (Due to medium limitations, we're not currently accepting design submissions from photographers or painters.)

What We're Looking For: Digital print and pattern designs that reflect your design aesthetic. Think optimistic, hopeful, bright — something you'd want to see inside your home.

How To Enter: Apply here, where you'll be asked to submit 2x original design files you own the rights to for consideration. Acceptable file formats include: .PNG, .JPG, .GIF, .SVG, .PSD, and .TIFF. Max file size 5GB. We'll also ask about your design inspiration and your personal info so we can keep in touch.

Artist Selection Process: Panelists from Brit + Co and P&G Bounty's creative teams will judge the submissions and select 50 finalists on June 11, 2021 who will receive a Selfmade scholarship for our summer 2021 session. Then, up to 8 artists will be selected from the finalists and notified on June 18, 2021. The chosen designers will be announced publicly in 2022 ahead of the product launch.

For any outstanding contest Qs, please see our main competition page. Good luck & happy creating!

How to Make Homemade Ramen Noodle Bowls

In a large pot, bring your broth to a boil. Add the soy sauce, garlic, miso, and sesame oil. Cook for two minutes to soften the garlic.

Add the noodles, reduce to medium heat. Use a fork to start breaking them apart after 1 minute. Cook for 3 minutes for &ldquoal dente&rdquo noodles, or 4 minutes for a more thoroughly cooked noodle.

Sift all-purpose flour, set aside. Add one cup of softened unsalted butter into a mixing bowl. Whisk together. Sift in one cup of confectionary sugar, whisk until fluffy.

Add in sifted flour and fold to combine. When the mixture looks like sand, transfer to clean work surface.

Knead gently and form a ball with the dough.

Wrap in cling wrap and chill in the fridge for one hour to relax the dough.

On a cookie tray roll until the dough is 1/2 inch thick.

Next, cut the dough with a pastry scraper. You can cut into rectangular lengths or wedges.

Pierce the cookies with a fork to prevent bubbling. This will also help them to bake more evenly.

Bake in oven 150C /300F for 45 minutes or until golden.

Remove from the oven and cut the cookies again.

Allow to cool prior to serving.

As mentioned earlier, they taste great on their own or with the ends dipped in melted chocolate for a special touch.

What We’re Loving: The iFork - Recipes

I don’t know where the itch came from, but as soon as winter started we decided we were going to get into making soup. I know that I haven’t shared much about cooking here and that’s intentional – before we moved in together neither of us cooked. If you’ve ever lived in New York you’ll understand.

I’m sure some of you guys are scratching your head like, so.. what do you eat? The answer is that pretty much everywhere delivers anytime, almost anywhere. It’s another level of convenience and personally one of my favorite things about living in New York.

That being said we are getting married next year and both of us want to do a better job of saving money this year and an easy place to start is with food. We’re both very much beginners when it comes to cooking, but we both really enjoy learning and doing it together. One thing I’ll say to anyone trying to cook more is to not let anyone discourage you – it took us a year of making simple pasta and chicken dishes with side salads to just get in the routine and have the desire (or energy after work) to try anything else more than that. Cooking takes a lot of time and prep and our schedules often don’t allow for us to really do it during the week.

So, soups! They sound challenging, but they’re actually fairly easy. There are so many soups that we are both partial to, but there are 5 that we’ve tried at this point and I’m happy to say successfully executed.

1. Pasta e Fagioli // recipe

I feel like this is a safe space to admit that I’m a huge Olive Garden fan–especially their soups. I think it was partially due to the number of times we had to go there for soccer tournaments and the night before games growing up, but I love it. Pasta e fagioli was always my favorite and I really wanted to find a recipe to recreate it at home.

This was the first one that we tried and I actually hit it out of the park (MG’s words, not mine).

TIP : If you use spicy sausage it adds a lot of flavor and I recommend not draining the juices that come out before adding the other ingredients. If you leave it in, it’ll add so much flavor to the soup!

2. Lasagna Soup // recipe

I’m laughing a little as I write this because yes, our first two soup attempts were basically pasta in tomato sauce (which is kind of our life). When I told MG I was going to make lasagna soup he looked at me like I was crazy and asked me to explain what that meant. I found the recipe on Pinterest (more great ones here !) and it’s another easy one. You really can’t go wrong with anything tomato based with noodles and sausage. It’s a little more filling than a lot of other soups and easy to save if you have extras!

TIP : This one also calls for italian sausage and I didn’t go spicy to let the other flavors shine. Definitely get the fire roasted tomatoes for additional flavor! I wanted my soup to look like lasagna so ended up buying regular lasagna noodles and breaking them into pieces for the soup. I did end up cooking them separately for a few minutes just because they were larger. I would recommend breaking them into even smaller pieces than you think because otherwise they’ll take up tons of space in your pot.

3. Tortilla Soup // recipe (most similar to the one we used)

I actually got my tortilla soup recipe from one of my best friends (hi Kay!) because she’s much more talented in the kitchen than I am and has years of practice on me. This was the first soup I made where I didn’t have tomato sauce broth to lean on (lol) and really had to figure out how you flavor the broth. At one point I thought I was really overdoing it on the herbs and spices, but she assured me that that’s what makes all of the difference in a delicious broth. We made ours spicy and it was SO good. I’d highly recommend serving with a little sour cream, cheese and avocado on top. Oh, and of course tortilla strips!

4. Chili // recipe

Chili was one of my favorite things that my mom used to make growing up – I know the exact flavor and the exact taste of a bite of it with some fritos, sour cream and cheese on top. It’s definitely a meal for a cozy winter night. This is the closest recipe I’ve found that mimics my mom’s, but I would sub in the chili kit that she has always used because it’s the exact right amount of spices. The first time I tried to make my own homemade chili the ratios of spices were slightly off and it just wasn’t the same. You can order it on Amazon here!

5. Italian Wedding Soup // recipe

This was the most recent one that I made and for something a little lighter, it really hits the spot. I decided to make my meatballs with beef and pork so that we could re-use them for pasta and other meals for the week. I really enjoyed my first meatball making attempt – I added lots of fresh parsley and some other dried herbs to my mix and did use italian breadcrumbs instead of homemade ones and we thought they turned out great. For the soup itself I went light on the spinach and heavier on veggies and meatballs. My soups have always been ingredient heavy, but that’s ok by me!

10 Tasty Summer Recipes That We’re Loving!

As summer is quickly approaching, I’m thinking of all the deliciousness that’s to come. I tend to “wing it” when it comes to food, but I like to have some recipes on-hand to try every now and then. I rounded up 10 tasty summer recipes that include everything from dinner to drinks. (One of them is even Jeff’s own.. which he is veryproud of. )

1. Grilled Corn with Sriracha Aioli

One of the recipes that caught our eye was this rendition of a classic veggie. Combine the powers of both old-school corn on the cob with the millennial mindset of “ put Sriracha on everything! ” and you get this great dish. We found it through The Minimalist Baker – which is one of the most popular recipe bloggers on the internet and we love Dana, the woman who began the site back in 2010. She also is the author of 5 cookbooks so…trust her. We can’t wait to try this one on the grill soon enough. Click here for the recipe.

2. Maple Bacon Brussel Sprouts

This is one of my favorites, but I might be a little biased because it’s Jeff’s. ) Some of you may have seen us make this side dish on IG stories – we make it often. It’s easy and full of flavor. You can find the recipe here.

3. Pina Colada Bread Pudding

One thing that I am obsessed with is coconut. I would have it with every meal if I could! I found this recipe for Pina Colada Bread Pudding from The Suburban Soapbox Blog. I grew up eating bread pudding and while this sounds like something completely different… it has my name written all over it. Click here for the recipe.

4. Strawberry Spinach Salad

Spinach salad is one of my favorite things. I love to eat light during the summer and when you add strawberries, it’s even better. I’m always up for trying new versions of my favorite dishes and I’m looking forward to making this from the Add a Pinch Blog this summer. Click here for the recipe.

5. Lovers Chia Pudding Parfait

When Jillian Harris first posted this photo on Instagram – I knew I was going to have to make it one day. Not only is the styling absolutely incredible.. but this sweet snack sounds yummy. I’ve never tried chia before, but Emma swears by it! I’ll let you know what I think because Emma and I plan on making it soon. Click here for the recipe.

6. Breakfast Tacos with Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa

Looking for something fun for a summer breakfast with the kids? This great recipe from Cooking Classy is such an easy yet creative way to deliver breakfast to your loved ones. A fun idea is to add a little taco bar so that everyone can add their own toppings! Click here for the recipe.

7. Peach Strawberry Rosé Sangria

Emma and I recently made this delicious sangria and posted all about it on the blog. We love it so much that we wanted to include it in this post. We also made a non-alcoholic peach lemonade version as well! Click here for both recipes.

8. Grilled Cilantro-Lime Chicken With Avocado Salsa

Another great recipe by Cooking Classy – definitely check out her blog for more amazing daily recipes. This dish is perfect for summer evenings: fresh, colorful, and healthy. For all the fatty recipes we indulge in – this is a great counterpart to make us feel better again! Click here for the recipe.

9. Banana Bread Smoothie

Another favorite foodie blogger of mine is Tori from Fraiche Nutrition. She is extremely healthy and always inspires me. Every year she hosts the 10-Day Smoothie challenge and posts the best recipes. Click here for the 10 different recipes including this banana bread smoothie.

10. Rainbow Popsicles

Emma specifically chose this because this is something she would love to make with her best friend Maddy. During the summer this would be such a fun afternoon project to make with kids or friends. We found this recipe from The First Year Blog. It’s instagrammable and healthy! Click here for the recipe.

Hope you enjoyed this small roundup of 10 tasty summer recipes we’re looking forward to trying. You know we love to eat around here ) More summer recipes coming soon.. until then click here to see some of the other recipes we have made recently. Let us know in the comments what your favorite summer dish is.

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What is Red Beans and Rice?

Like I said, Red Beans and Rice is a traditional Louisiana dish – Creole cusine all the way. Red beans are cooked down with veggies in a stew-like consistency, and then served over rice.

Traditionally, Red Beans and Rice has some sort of meat, but you know how we roll over here on Fork in the Kitchen…why add it when a recipe is just as good (or better!) without?! Which is why this version is totally vegetarian!

P.S. sub olive oil for the butter and you’ve just made it VEGAN, too!

It’s got a spicy kick and a stick-to-your-bones kind of comfort to it, too. With the addition of lots of garlic, cayenne pepper, oregano, and bay leaves, you will not be lacking flavor!

Sweet Potato Gnocchi With Fried Sage, Dried Cherries, and Toasted Hazelnuts

Courtesy of Spoon Fork Bacon

Great for: When you’re burning the midnight oil at the office and all you want when you get home is a bowlful of something carb-y stat. Spoon Fork Bacon’s take hits the spot with a mix of sweetness (from the fruit) and earthiness (from the herb). Best of all, it will only take 10 minutes to put together once the gnocchi is cooked.

Serve it up: On a plate with fancy marbleized detailing to kick the simple meal up a notch.

Gottman Relationship Recipes

Try these relationship recipes out at home—you probably already have all the ingredients you need!

Try these relationship recipes out at home—you probably already have all the ingredients you need!

Try these relationship recipes out at home—you probably already have all the ingredients you need!

Welcome to the Kissin’ Kitchen where we whip up long-lasting love, stress-reducing strategies, and conflict conversation starters to set your meal off on the right fork. Try these relationship recipes out at home—you probably already have all the ingredients you need! So grab an apron and your partner because half the fun is in “making” love together.

Seven Principles Dip

It’s the big one! Layer the seven ingredients in this showstopping dip for a love you can savor for a lifetime. Add the ingredients in any order—let your creativity shine, just don’t make this dip alone. Some couples making this dip say it’s the only recipe they need— “15 years of marriage and we’re still figuring out how to get the Seven Principles Dip just right.” Let it become your signature dish! Keep at it, lovers! Need more help? Check out the full book.


  • 1 Love Maps Card Deck (available for free on Gottman Card Decks App)
  • 2 partners willing to work on their relationship
  • Love for your partner (even a pinch will do!)
  • 1 Conflict (choose the ripest for now)
  • 1 dollop of dreams
  • 1 bag tortilla chips (optional)


Layer the following in a clear dish so you can see the fruits of your labor:

  • Build Love Maps: Love Maps are your ongoing and ever-evolving understanding of your partner’s world as they move through time. Use fresh Love Maps and update regularly.
  • Express Fondness and Admiration: Couples who function well are able to appreciate and enjoy most aspects of their partner’s behavior and learn to live with differences. Notice the good things your partner is doing and call them out. Use generously.
  • Turn Toward One Another: Conversational patterns of interest and respect, even about mundane topics are crucial to happiness. Turning Toward can be as simple as a verbal acknowledgment to your partner’s bids. Note: for best results Turn Towards, not Away or Against. This is one of the secrets for making this recipe last.
    : Members of a couple who take the other partner’s preferences into account and are willing to compromise and adapt are happiest. Don’t be a hero, let your partner help with this step.
  • Solve Problems That Are Solvable: Couples who can find compromise on issues are using five tactics. They soften start-up (see Softened Start-Up Conflict Crostini!) so the beginning of the conversation leads to a satisfactory end. They offer and respond to repair attempts, or behaviors that maintain the emotional connection and emphasize “we/us” over individual needs. They effectively soothe themselves (see the Self-Soothie Smoothie!) and their partner. They use compromise and negotiation skills. They are tolerant of one another’s vulnerabilities and ineffective conversational habits, keeping the focus on shared concern for the well-being of the relationship. For more detailed instructions on this step, read this.
  • Manage Conflict andOvercome Gridlock: The Gottman Method helps couples manage, not resolve, conflict. Conflict is viewed as inherent in relationships and doesn’t go away. In fact, it is a key layer in this recipe! Happy couples report the majority of their conflicts, 69% are perpetual in nature, meaning they are present throughout the course of time and are dealt with only as needed. Though important, it is crucial not to dwell on this step of the recipe.
  • CreateShared Meaning: Connection in a relationship occurs as each person experiences the multitude of ways in which their partner enriches their life with a shared history and helps them find meaning and make sense of struggles. This dish is meant to be shared!

Heat and serve with chips.

Self-Soothie Smoothie

Physiologically flooded? Need a break? Take 20-30 minutes and make this recipe! The perfect chill can be achieved with this research-inspired smoothie. The best part? It’s good for you!


  • 1 Hand signal or code word to signify flooding
  • Distance (we like to use separate rooms/areas but determine distance to taste)
  • 1 favorite place or calming thought (if you aren’t into visualization you can sub out a mantra or soothing music here)
  • Deep breaths


  • Think of a neutral signal that you and your partner can use in a conversation to let each other know when one of you feels flooded or overwhelmed.
  • When you have moved apart to take your break, try a relaxing visualization to escape from the stress of a difficult conversation. If visualization isn’t your thing, try listening to soothing music and paying attention to all the different parts. Alternatively, you may want to repeat a mantra to yourself such as, “You’re okay,” or “Just this.”
  • Practice focusing on your breath. it should be deep, regular, and even. Usually when you get flooded, you either hold your breath a lot or breathe shallowly. So, inhale and exhale naturally.
  • Tense and relax parts of your body that feel tight or uncomfortable.
  • Blend slowly and mindfully for 20-30 minutes. Important: do not ruminate on what caused you to get flooded in the first place! This recipe is for a chilled smoothie, not a stew.
  • Once calm, you are ready to serve. Return to the conversation and approach resolution.
  • Garnish with mint.

Softened Start-Up Conflict Crostini

Use this favorite recipe early and often when conflict arises. A great appetizer or small bite—the softened start-up is great as an amuse bouche or on its own! John Gottman says, “94% of the time, the way a discussion starts determines the way it will end,” and we believe the same to be true of a meal. Make your menu sing by starting softer.


  • Self-awareness
  • 1 “I feel _____________ about ________________” statement
  • 1 positive need (add more if you wish!)
  • Focus on the present
  • 1-2 baguettes, sliced


  • Complain but don’t blame. No matter how “at fault” you feel that your partner is, approaching them with criticisms and accusations is obviously not productive. What isn’t obvious, however, are the little things you might say in arguments with your partner that make them feel criticized or blamed.
  • Make statements that start with “I” instead of “You.” When you start sentences with “I,” you are less likely to be critical, which, as we know from criticism, will immediately put your partner on the defensive. Instead of saying “You are not listening to me,” you can say, “I don’t feel heard right now.”

Feeling stuck? Use this Quick Tip formula:

I feel __________________ about ___________________ and I need _________________________.

Note: Avoid the temptation to slip into “I feel like you_______________,” keep it located within your experience.

  • Focus on how you’re feeling and what you need, not on accusing your partner! Both of you will stand to gain something from the conversation, and you will likely feel that you are hearing and understanding each other more.
  • Describe what is happening, but don’t evaluate or judge. Instead of accusing or blaming your partner, simply describe what you see and feel in the situation.Instead of counterattacking and lashing out at you, your partner is more likely to consider your point of view and what you need, and they will likely try harder to deliver the results you are hoping for with this approach.
  • Be polite and appreciative. Just because you are in conflict with your partner doesn’t mean that your respect and affection for them has to diminish. Adding phrases such as “please” and “I appreciate it” can be helpful for maintaining warmth and emotional connection during a difficult conversation.
  • Make crostini. In case it wasn’t clear, this isn’t really about the crostini.
  • Serve immediately—don’t store things up! We’ve all been there: exhausted and overwhelmed, feeling like we are drowning in a whirlpool of problems, and one issue just keeps leading to another. We bottle up our emotions, our feelings, and our needs. Suddenly, we find ourselves hosting a full seven-course meal of problems we never intended to broach, which all somehow feel related. You might even overcook some of the menu if you’ve been holding these feelings in. Generally, it’s best to keep the menu short and manageable.

And this is just the beginning!* You may find that you already have everything you need to cook up a lifetime of love. Bon appetite!

*It is also the end of the recipe metaphor.

The Gottman Institute’s Editorial Team is composed of staff members who contribute to the Institute’s overall message. It is our mission to reach out to individuals, couples, and families in order to help create and maintain greater love and health in relationships.


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